Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Okay so it's Friday again and guess what I am having a sleepover at nannies tonight yeah!!! Daddy is taking mummy out for a romantic dinner I love my mummy and daddy soooooo much. So I get to stay here with nan and pop, oh and I've got a cold. Yucky I don't like colds, my nose gets clogged up and I'm not hungry and I don't want my bottle at all. 
I do like balloons though, they are fun.  And I like my jacket with the pooh bear ears, what do you think, cute or what?
Hmm I think nanny like my jacket she smiled so big when she put it on me.  I wear it like a dressing gown in the mornings you know, cause it's really cold here now in the mornings.
I am feeling a bit better this morning, so I drank my whole bottle, pop is good at giving me the bottle, he is no good at all at changing pooie nappy's though ha ha I got ya pop hahahahaha!!!
Nanny says she is gonna find me a playgroup to go to on Fridays, so maybe next week I'll have really interesting things to show you.
But for now I gotta go okay,
till next week 
Love Elle


  1. Elle is a cute as a button in that jacket with the ears! Lucky Nan to look after you.

  2. Ah, she does look a little under the weather...poor Elle. Hope she's on the mend now. Ooooh, send her over here would you? She looks so cuddly in that robe. x

  3. Another lovely, glorious Frida! Ah, the simple beauties of life!
    Hope the cold gets better!


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