Thursday, June 2, 2011

Come For A Walk With Me

Today is the 2nd June and so it is the 2nd day of winter here.  Yesterday was cold, cloudy, drizzly, windy, ah but today is beautiful.  The dew was heavy last night and this morning left behind are jewels, everywhere.  Left for us to find as we walk together.
Beauty hidden everywhere, if you just look you'll find it.
Pretty baubles left over from Autumn, brilliant and bold, they don't hide themselves at all.
The air is cold, but nature is playing with us, she is leaving fires for us to find, bright, beautiful and so pretty.  The sun peaks through in a star burst.
Some jewellery for you to dangle from your wrist, your ears maybe.
A burst of colour to surprise us.
Thirsty?  I think not!!!!  But pretty none the less.
You might need your sunglasses or maybe to squint and shade your eyes from the starburst on water.
Diamonds, crystals, ice left behind so gorgeous.
Beautiful bokeh, I love it.
Jewels for you.
Oh and a surprise, looking down on me, wondering what I am doing, the old nest makes way for the new.
Hmm I see you, but you are a little shy.
Now there's no need for that, really!!
I'm glad we walked together, let's do it again sometime.


  1. What a beautiful walk. Enjoyed it with you :-)

  2. Fabulous lot of photos there, Kim.My favorites are the raindrops on the leaves and the twigs.

  3. These shots amazing - the detail and light is so perfect.

  4. The photos are beautiful, maybe I am a nutbar, but I am surprised you get ice in Austrailia. I think I need to do some research. lol. loved the walk. hugs dear friend.

  5. It is so hard for me to get my mind around the total reversal of our seasons. We are just warming up here! So are your photo calanders totally different than ours. I suppose they are. Summer flowers in Dec. and snow in July? Wow, crazy.
    Lovely photography, you just keep getting better and better!

  6. A lovely walk. Your photos are just beautiful.


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