Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hello how are you, it's nice to be back

Well how things go, sometimes, not as we plan, it has been 7 months since I was here last.  I forgot even my password, shame hey!! But life has taken over and as I wandered this morning through the blogs of friends I see some also have gone.  To blog takes time, to share takes time, and my life has taken another direction and that takes all my time.  So first for those that remember here is the beautiful Elle, so grown now isn't she.  She will be 3 on August 3.

 After a morning at the zoo she had tales to tell.  Feeding the deer, watching the monkeys, tigers and lions, the snakes and the beautiful birds, such precious time with her, that we love so much.
 And surprise, another little precious girl has come into our lives.  I introduce you to Sophie Grace, so beautiful.  Born 28 May a joy for us all.  Her aunties are in Canada, for 2 years,  they left a week before she was born.  They will miss her I know and we miss them.

Another angel to fill our hearts with love.

Together they are amazing, Elle adores her little sister.  She is gentle and funny with her, I smile and sigh.

And my life has been changing, I have been trying to lose weight, eating the Primal Blueprint way and for many it is so successful but for me not so much.  So after much searching I am discovering that my thyroid is not functioning properly, and hormones, and acidity are hampering my ability to lose weight.  So now I am balancing my alkaline levels, I begin the morning with a green juice.  1 litre this morning I am full and hoping to see the acid levels reduce so that weight loss can begin.

My photography has also been on hold.  I just have not had the time.  I work 3 full days a week now and I love my job.  Working with refugees, and helping them to begin their lives here in Australia with confidence.  I love this work, the people, all of it.  So my life is full, busy and I am happy.  I will be happier when I am thiner I hate to be so obsessed with my weight, ahh well we will see.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Failures & Success

The food plan I am following this year is the Primal Blue Print, by Mark Sisson, we don't eat any grains, oils like soy, canola etc, only coconut, olive, nut oils, are you getting the picture.  We don't eat wheat or sugar and we eat a lot of bacon, eggs, fish, meat, fowl, vegetables, fruits, nuts and fats.  So I decided I would have a go at making a Paleo/Primal mayo.  The making wasn't so bad, the ingredients I chose were the problem.  The coconut oil was fine, the eggs home grown, the mistake was the garlic infused olive oil, oh my goodness I wanted to gag.  Way to strong.
Maybe a squeeze of lime will help, sorry it didn't.

I looks beautiful, golden and creamy, it's in the bin oh yuk.  Next time I'll use a very light subtly flavoured olive oil.  Success is in my grasp.
 Oh but success with my attempts at making bracelets.  I am doing a course with Christy Tomlinson and I am loving making these pretty little things.

 A little bit of the old school macrame and look what you can do, add some beads, some buttons, a disc or two and you have your very own cute little bracelet, so much fun and after the mayo I needed a win.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


2013 is my year, my year to change the bad habits of the past 3 or 4 years and make new one.  My year to change thought patterns and think on new and more positive things.  My year to get new skinny clothes and that's why I've purged my wardrobe and made you for the new, as they say out with the old in with the new.

I am following The Primal Blue Print and if I do it properly it should see me shedding the 30kgs I want to be rid off by December next year.  

This is an example of a Primal lunch so I don't think I'll starve.

If you want to follow me on my journey go over here From Fat to Free, this is my weight loss journey.
And this is my Good News Jar

Everday when something good, or something I am grateful happens I will write a little note and pop it in the jar.  Then in December I will be able to look back at all the good things that I have probably forgotten throughout the year.
So like I said 2013 you are mine.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas

 Well hello there everyone and a very merry Christmas to you all.  This year has been so very busy for me.  It's the first time in years that I have been working up to Christmas, and I hate to admit it I am not as organised as I used to think I was.  I guess it's easy to be organised when you don't work and have ample time to fit everything in.

 But finally the tree is decorated, the food bought the gifts wrapped and the food under way.  This year we will have a Christmas Eve celebration.  That isn't the way over here in Australia.  Here we do Christmas on Christmas Day.  We are usually preparing on Christmas Eve, either travelling to friends and family or greeting them as they arrive.  But we are now among the many who have to share our daughters with other families.  Alicia of course has to spend some time with Paul's family so this year, she will come to us on Christmas Eve.

We are going to have baked ham, Creme Brulee and rosemary roasted potatoes.

Adrian has made the Creme Brulee's and they are ready for their crunchy topping tonight.  The ham is scored and cloved and ready to be glazed for baking in a few hours.  The table is set.

I've opted for a blue theme this year, the poppers and bon bons still need to be put out, and the wine glasses set.

Elle is getting a bright red mini cooper s from us, it's battery operated and goes 4km's an hour.  I can't wait to see her scooting round the driveway in it.

 Cute or what.  Here she is feeding the ducks, well sort of, she ate most of the bread ha ha!!

And of course once again the girls true to form, gave me their best shots, at a recent cousins lunch.  Really girls!!!!!
So to you and all of your families, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a brilliant 2013.
Love to you all

Monday, October 8, 2012

Gone Missing

Time has come and gone and it has been such a long time since I have come her to record my thoughts.  I have been busy, but also fairly quiet.  I don't want to blog nothing, I don't want to be here just because I can, I want to record something that is of substance.  Whether it is about my family, the loves of my life, or the world around me.  I have started a new blog about my weight loss challenge.  Since losing our beautiful baby grandson Lucas I have eaten and drunk myself into a horrible state.  I am now 30kgs over weight.  2 weeks ago I stood on the scales and I had hit 90kg.  I had been as a teen thin, and gradually after marrying and having children had slowly put on weight, till I hit about 60kgs.  That was the highest I ever wanted to be.  But I didn't stop there, I sky rocketed to the 90kg and I hate it.  My face isn't even my face anymore, I can't see my pubic hair because of my belly and I just hate me for the weakness that I see in me to let myself get to this stage.
So my new blog is my outlet.  I don't want this blog to be about my journey to thin again.  I want to be able to just rant about weight things over there and do. Hence I have not been around here so much.  I miss you though, I miss the trawling through your homes and visiting you there.  I am working 3 days a week too, at the refugee support service I have mentioned before and that keeps me sooooooo busy.  
 I know you will be wondering how our little Princess is going though so here she is in all her glory.  Gosh she is growing just too quickly.  She turned 2 in August and she is sooooo beautiful.
 Elle is a hat wearing machine, she loves her hats and they love her, me on the other hand nup hats don't love me one little bit haha.
 It is Spring here in Australia and it was Carnival of Flowers weekend a fortnight back.  We took Elle to the park and she blended in beautifully amongst the flowers.
I love the shots I get of Elle and her poppy together.  They have so much fun.  So there you have it everyone.  I'm just sitting quietly, I haven't forgotten you.  I miss this place, but I have to get myself together and until then I'm just not sure how often I'll be around.  Till next time, lots of love.xxo

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