Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'lle St. Louis and drinks on the banks of the Seine Day 5

Today we had no plans after an attempt to catch up with an Aussie living here fell through, so we just wandered.  We are not far from a place called Oz Cafe, a chain of pubs over here, Adrian wanted to find out if they would be playing the State of Origin on Wednesday, ha ha seriously, here we are in Paris and what's on his mind...... the second game of State of Origin, ha ha.
The apartment above is on the banks of the Seine and covers two floors we think, with a roof garden ooh la la.
 Sitting on the banks of the Seine, everyone does it, these girls were drinking water, ha ha, next to them were a small group drinking wine, it's quite acceptable out in  public anywhere here.

 Getting sa decent group photo for our family as anyone who knows us knows, is a difficult job, proven by these photos.

I am still amazed by the way the incredible architecture and beauty of these old cities, London and Paris, seem to be taken for granted by the locals.  I guess where ever we live is home and we expect and accept what is around us every day.  Today is Monday and many of the larger stores don't open, actually I am surprised by the number of shops that are open today, we expected to have very few open at all.
Notre Dame is in the distance behind us here.
The signs here and in Germany as I remember are great.  I love the creativity of the people and the age of the stores here.  This was a cookie store, like the Aussie Cookie Man stores, how cute.
Till Tomorrow

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