Monday, June 16, 2014

Montparnasse Tower Day 4 Paris

Today we woke at about 9 am, breakfast at 10ish and then we took the metro to Montparnasse Bienvennue to go up the Montparnasse Tower.  I was a bit concerned it would be packed, it has the most incredible view of the city of Paris.  If you ever get here, it is certainly worth a visit. Approx $13e and no queues, unlike the Eiffel.  The ease of wandering around on the 56th floor, which you get to in 38secs in the lift is wonderful.  Interactive computer screens give information about all the buildings you can see.  You then walk 3 flights of stairs to the 59th floor, which has a champagne bar and for $12e you can enjoy a glass of bubbles as you take in the view from here.  

It is amazing to see the roof top gardens and the little courtyards in between the buildings. This is such a different lifestyle to our huge blocks at home.  So many apartments everywhere.

Shuttered windows to keep the cold in winter and the noise out I would guess.  Here where we are our windows open on to a very busy maze of streets.  Late at night tourists and local alike can be heard partying down stairs in the street.  Last night some of the Lebanese community decided to have a street party, turn up the radios in their cars and dance in the street.  Adrian and I slept through that, unfortunately Ashleigh and Danielle did not.  It's all a part of what living in the heart of Paris is about.  Today in the Montparnasse district though you got a better sense of what it would feel like to live locally.
We sat after our Metro ride, our tour to the top of Paris and our walk through the true artist market we stumbled upon at the foot of the tower, and had a cappucino and creme brulee, we felt like this was a real little bit of Paris.
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