Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Well hi there folks, nice to see you again, really it is.  so I know for most of you it is Spring time, but have a little sympathy for us folks, down under cause we are heading like a speeding bullet, smack bang into Winter.  1st June is the big day yep so not too far away now and I am feeling the cold.  That's why I have my super cool, faux fur bolero on, nanny bought the little outfit for me a while back and it's finally cold enough to begin wearing it.  Mummy says I gotta wear as much of my stuff as I can cause I'm sprouting like a weed, ha ha I guess that means I'm growing quickly.
Well of course I am, it's just what happens hey!!!!!  So this week with nanny, we did nothing, yep absolutely nothing oh no, hang on that's not right, we went to the shops.  How could I forget, well easy cause I didn't get anything.  Can you believe it nanny didn't buy me anything, nope she picked up a big box and I was droolin really I was, I thought oh yeah baby, look what I got and nup it turned out to be books.  Not that I don't love books, I do but not these ones, novels, nan says they are eech!!! Really, where's the toys and stuff, huh!?
So then we went into the bottle shop huh !!!??? nanny was all embarrassed cause she had to take me in the trolley into the bottleo, you know where they sell booze ha ha!!!!  I was pretty excited actually there were so many bottles and I wanted them all, I was trying really hard to reach them too from the little seat on the trolley but nan wouldn't let me get any, party pooper!!!
So she got her bottle of wine and left, not a lot of fun there either.
Sometimes being little is just no fun at all, I coulda had a ball with all those bottles.  So we came home and I played with dragon he is after all one of my favourite things.
Oh and I swang, I love swinging, it gives me butterflies in my tummy he he!!!
Now I am almost crawling, but you know what I am in a dilemma, ya see if I can crawl then maybe no one will pick me up and I love getting picked up, seriously I love it.  So I am torn you know between independence, what the heck that is I have no idea, but mummy keeps saying I will have more independence when I crawl, so maybe it's a good thing.  Anyway should I go get this independence by crawling or should I just stay not quite crawling for a bit longer?  Really any suggestions I am stumped on this one.
Anyhoo as they say there goes another week, it'll be Christmas soon, and before that my birthday I'll be one on the 3rd August, BIG  BIG  really Big like HUGE PARTAY!!!!!! gonna happen, you better believe it.  You're all invited of course so out ya go get a nice dress, a new hair do and start planning what gift ya gonna buy me. ouch nanny just said I was a naughty little girl for saying that, I was joking nanny really I was (wink wink).  But really keep coming back now won't ya see ya next week,
until then know you're loved, know you're thought of and know you're my friend


  1. Her little furry vest is adorable:)

  2. oh, Fridays with Elle are the BEST! I'm stunned at how fast she has grown and matured. Of course my own 'babies' did the same but at the time I was so mired in the every day of it all. At the time each day felt like a lifetime, but the weeks kind of flew by.

    She's just so precious, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your Friday posts. Were her little legs swinging and banging with excitement in the bottle shop. HA!

    Gorgeous girl x


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