Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother and Child

Some time ago I posted about the Joey (kangaroo) that lives just outside my bedroom window.  Remember I said I was pretty sure she had a baby in her pouch, well introducing Skippy, how cute is he really how cute!!!!!!!
It was really cold this morning and while I was tucked up in bed with the paper, I know what a life I live, well Adrian came in and said the joey is back again.  I clambered up onto my knees and peered out the window.  There she was nibbling away on the tips of the grass, they like the sweet bits.  Beside her is the little one, I have no idea if it is a he or she, but I know she/he is adorable.
Now these little guys have ears like sonars and they could hear us talking through our window.  We were about 60 feet from them and on the other side of the wire fence.  I get so excited when I see the babies out playing.  This baby was having an exercise run.  She/he would take off at full speed and hop like mad for a few metres and then turn tail and head back, lightning speed.  So funny, mum never took her eyes off him/her.  I watched them a few weeks back and the baby wanted out of the pouch and mum wouldn't let him/her, she could hear my hubby pottering around and there was no way she was letting him/her out of her protective custody.
Every time the baby tried to poke it's head out of her pouch she would push it back in I laughed hard truly.
So inside there is a teat for the baby and this one kept popping it's head back in for a drink I guess.  Then he/she must have decided he's had enough of this exercise stuff and it was time for a snuggle.  so back in he/she popped, all snuggly now.
But kids being kids, he/she still wanted to have a little sticky beak, had to keep it's eye on things.  I'm sure they could hear my hubby getting ready to leave.
Now how cute is that, that's one of the best things about living a little out of the city, 10 minutes from the nearest shopping centre and I have Skippy in my back yard.  Yeah I love Australia.


  1. how adorable and what a treat to see that all up close and personal!

  2. OMG!!! I am showing this to little se'lah as soon as she gets home from school. Thanks for sharing these photos - a real treat for sure. Thank heavens for friends in Australia through whom we can live vicariously.

    i love it!

  3. And I get excited when I see a deer in our yard. I am so jealous!

  4. oh I really enjoyed this! So alien to us Brits of course, how very special...x


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