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Texture Tuesday - An Aussie Conversation begins.

Here we area gain Texture Tuesday over at Kim's is on again, well technically it's Wednesday here, yep 8.20am as I post this on Wednesday, that's what living on the other side of the world does for you. This photo was shot a few weeks back, I was just having a fiddle with my bits and pieces and my camera and Ta Da!!!!!
So the recipe is:
duplicate photo ALWAYS duplicate....
I did a hue and saturation adjustment to quite grey
Brightness/contrast adjustment
then layered with Kim's START texture on soft light 100%
then Dusty Rose texture on colour burn 100%
I really like it.  I did erase the textures from the heart though.

An Aussie Conversation
In the last two years, Adrian and I have taken trips to Europe.  We have taken these trips with Americans mostly, having chosen tours run by an American company, Rick Steve’s “Europe through the back door”.  It was while we were on these tours that we became aware that we don’t speak like others, well we don’t speak like American’s anyway.  I never realised that we have so many little idioms and they obviously make us true blue Aussies.  So I want to introduce you to some of them, hopefully weekly I will let you in on a conversation between two authentic, ridgey didge Aussies, Kylie and Darren.

So let’s get started, let’s go ear wig on an Aussie conversation.

“Darren will you get up, come on get up now, get your arse into gear will ya”, yelled Kylie from the kitchen.
“No need to get agro, I’m comin’, I’m just gettin’ the little ankle biter ready for school” he yelled back.
“Oh Daz, thanks mate you’re ace, I’ve been up since sparrow’s fart , I’m stuffed already and the day’s just started.”
“No worries Kyle’s, we’ll be there any tic of the clock.” Quipped Darren.
“What time will ya be home this arvo Darl, I’ve gotta get some avos from the store on the way to mum’s and I wanna know if ya can pick up the kid from school?” said Kylie all smiles now.
“That’ll be fine I’m all over it”, smiled Daz
Good one luv, you’re the ants pants ya know”, laughed Kylie on the way to the dunny in the back yard.
As she wandered down the path she tripped arse over tit and landed heavily with a thump.
Darren looked out the back door and laughed his arse off.
Looking around a little bruised and a little mad, she flicked him the bird and locked herself in the toot for an hour.
This arvo she would have a few ambers and everything would be apples again, Daz really was a bit of alright, the ant’s pants actually.

Can you understand it? really, well we do use some of those saying quite regularly, not me personally, but an awful lot of Aussies do talk like this.  EEKK!!!! makes me a bit worried actually. Ha ha!!
arse into gear....   to get moving
agro....   angry, annoyed
ankle biter.....  small child, baby
ace....   excellent, very good
sparrow's fart.....  really early in the morning, sunrise
stuffed.....  tired, exhausted, worn out
any tic of the clock.....  any time now, soon
arvo....  this afternoon
Darl......  short for Darling
all smiles.....  very happy
I'm all over it......  it's okay I'll get it done, I'm on it don't worry
the ants pants......   the very best
dunny....  outdoor toilet
arse over tit....  fell over head over heals
laughed his arse off....  very funny, hilarious
flicked him the bird..... gave him the middle finger salute
toot... (sounds like look, not toot like a horn)  toilet
ambers.... beer
apples...  good, fine okay
a bit of alright....  handsome, good looking, fine

So there you go a little Aussie conversation unravelled for you.
I hang my head, not in shame, but boy I have just realised we really are a culture on our own.  We love life, we laugh alot, we enjoy each other and we laugh at ourselves, so join me today in having a laugh at an Aussie.


  1. You have to admit we're true blue Aussies in everything we do! Great texture photo's.

  2. Love your heart image with the cool background.
    Got a kick out of your Aussie conversation. Only comprehended a few words, and stuffed in the Southern US means full as a tick!

  3. What a pleasant read! I really enjoyed it.

    the photos are fantastic, great texture and composition.

    have a great day!


    visiting via Texture Tuesday.

  4. love your images - great warmth in the heart one

    I used to live in NZ so your conversation made me laugh - goodonya mate !

  5. I LOVE this photo!!!!!

    I'm laughing at the Aussie slang - and impressed at how much I knew (comes from working with a bunch of Aussies)

  6. Too funny! No matter where we live, we all have our own way of expressing ourselves and the heck with those who can't understand us. Love your photos!

  7. Beautiful girlfriend photo! Love the combination. Thanks for the "aussie english" language update!


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