Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

Mother's Day 2011.  We picnicked down in our valley, this same valley that was under water,  back in January when we had the terrible flooding in Toowoomba.
Good thing we weren't picnicking that day hey!!  Same valley different weather.
Now I have never been a very keen picnicker, I never liked the idea of eating off a table somewhere that is covered in pigeon splatterings and possum poop.  Really it's just not my thing, and all the packing up and carrying the food, no way, let's just eat at home in comfort really.  But France, May 2010 St. Margueite Island and Helene changed that.  I now own a pretty red and white table cloth just for picnicking and I go in style now.  So it was a no brainer really this weekend, Mother's Day, that we should picnic and in our very own green valley.  We have been having the most amazing Autumn weather and before it chills right down for winter we might as well make the most of it.
We took, hot chicken, salads, rolls, and wine down to the shady spot I like best and set up our goodies.  Unfortunately Alicia wasn't with us, but I guess I will have to get used to that, she is mother herself now and of course celebrates with her own little family too.  They were away in Brisbane so missed lunch but of course I saw her later in the day.  
We loaded up a trailer and hooked it up to Adrian's quad bike and towed all the gear down, it was beautiful and we felt like we'd been out somewhere for lunch, a lovely treat.
I hate, hate, hate, photos of myself, seriously I do, it's because I am still over weight and I know it, perhaps a few less glasses of wine and not enjoying my food quite so much would help, but then that would be boring don't you think?!  The girls certainly don't mind being front and centre though.  Ah the sweet joy of youth.  ha ha!
Boston sat on guard, well he sat anyway, not sure just what he found so interesting over there, but he enjoyed his picnic too.  My mum spent the day with my sister and her wife (yep no typo there, just another long gruesome story) we don't do get togethers, they tend not to end well, never have really, in fact my sister and I haven't spoken in probably say 6 years, not my choice, but the way it is.  So we don't do family get togethers, funny isn't it how sisters start off loving each other and things can go so wrong.  I have tried really hard to help my girls stay friends, to sort through their differences and to acknowledge their differences and sort out their stuff.  I hope that in years to come they are friends, BFF's as they say. Anyhow I hope all you mums had a lovely day with your children, all you daughters and sons had a great day with your mums and those of you who no longer have their mum's around, well I give you a big hug and shed a little tear with you.  


  1. I love picnics:) Yours looks wonderful.. all 3 girls pretty:)

    Just watching The Kids Are All right last night half of it..liking it ..
    Very much your sister and her wife..
    That's too bad..I wish I had a sister..but I get it...families have a way of coming undone sometimes..I hoe my daughters always stay close also.
    Cute photos!

  2. happy mother's day to the most beautiful mom ever! you all look so happy. wish i was closer, i'd crash the party ;)

    love you so much.


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