Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mucking around

Saturday has been for me a muck about day.  Usually we have so much work to do in the yard that we spend most of the day outside, digging gardens, planting, pruning, you name it, but not today.  Today was a messy day, late breakfast, read the paper, wash hair, wash clothes, vacuum, go out for lunch, yum, home to create a little art, take some pictures, fiddle with them, make some pretty things, enjoy, what a great autumn day.
I didn't make this though, a sweet little friend of mine did.  You might know Selah of Necessary Room, well if you do you may have been introduced to baby Selah.  What a sweetie, takes after her mum she does.  Anyhow, Baby Selah has opened an Etsy store and I bought this gorgeous hand painted wish stone from her.  Selah sent the peace stone along with it, gorgeous hey.  I am wild about the wild hair and the beautiful colours.
On the back baby has written "We are the world" oh I love her she is a darling. Go on over check out the store and Selah's blog too.
Most Sundays we head off to the local markets, mainly for the fresh fruit and veg, and the gerbra man.  He has the loveliest gerbra's so cheap.  They last a good fortnight usually so I can usually have some pretty colour in the house.  When they are on their last legs, I can still see beauty in them.

I love finding the reflections in things and this little water droplet made me sing,
I was trying to get the droplet dropping off, I sat, I waited finger poised on the button, ready to snap and I missed it every time, I laughed though, my arm was sore, my shoulders were sore, I don't know how some of these whizz bang snappers do it really.
Did you know gerbra's were hairy? I didn't!

In the end I had sprayed so much water around, I was dripping, but I love the water on the vase.
Oh and I have been doing a few more She Girls, check these two out.
I have wanted to do a little dark girl for a while, I love her.  I was thinking of Baby Selah when I was doing her and was going to give her wings, a little black angel, but I had glued on the body before I remembered the wings oops!!!! Artistic enthusiasm I guess ha ha!  So I will have to do another for Baby S.
I'm not sure this is finished though, still looking at her to decide.
I love the vintage letter paper on this sweet heart too. and I'm happier with her dress this time. Might still play with her hair yet, see it's like being able to create your own designer girl, change this maybe, change that, fiddle a bit more, thank heavens I'm not God, none of us would be here yet.  I'd still be deciding on the ears and eyebrows, ha ha!!!
Well I hope your weekend is fun too, creative and filled with lots of love.


  1. You made me laugh when you said if you were God none of us would be here yet. I love the art you are doing. I will have to go check out little Se'lahs etsy rocks. Happy Mothers Day. hugs.

  2. Thanks for the note! Yes, I think that is what I had as an inspiration and the thought comparing my girls to....... yummy chocolates!

  3. OH WOW---blushing!

    and I just LOVE your black angel!!! wings or no wings...she'll just have to earn them ;)

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL post, Kim!!! Se'Lah and Baby S are truly adorable people. My life has become all the richer having met them. Laughing out loud at you trying to catch the water drop!!! The pictures came out so great; I love the water on the pitcher.

    I sat four hours like that one day trying to wait for a bird to leave the tree to catch him in flight. He stared at me while I stared at him. Hmm... wonder what he thought? (LOL!) And lastly - your art is magnif. Laughed out loud again at the thought of you being God still 'putting us together.' This brought smiles today and I thank you.

  5. i am adoring your she fantastic


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