Friday, May 6, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Hey there everyone I have a new hat and look, I am letting my friend Dragon wear it, doesn't he look so darn cute?!  Yep he does, nan is glad cause right now I won't keep it on, so at least the Dragon will wear it ha ha!!!
So I had another sleepover at nan's last night, mummy went to see Katy Perry with my aunties, I hope she bought me something on the way home???? I know they would go shopping on the way back, they went to Brisbane to see this Katy person and guess what, my aunties, forgot to book somewhere to sleep so they ended up having to stay in a backpackers place, he he ha ha, if you knew my mummy you would know why I am laughing my nappy off!!!! SHE is NOT a backpacker so funny.  Anyway they said they loved the concert and they went shopping, can't wait to go home and see what goodies I scored.
So I am trying this crawling thing, everyone seems to think it is the next most important thing since sliced bread, I don't know why it makes no difference to me, if I don't want to crawl I scream and someone picks me up so what is the big deal seriously!!!!!  Way less effort for me if I have a whinge really.  But just in case I need to, I thought I better have a bit of a go at it, there just seems to be a foot placement problem, beats me!!!
I played with all the kids again, Kimmy has this really cool, Lisa Simpson thing that talks and she let me play with it, and Bresslyn was there again and Michael and a new friend Ephram,  I just love meeting new friends.
I had a bit of a chew on the Lisa thingy, not bad and she talks too. Ha ha I don't even watch the Simpson"s how funny.  But I love the kids they are so funny.
This is my new grown up friend Betty, she has 5 children and works in a nursing home, she is so sweet, and gives really good cuddles.
Do you think she's paretty I do, her skin is like dark chocolate and I'm not allowed to eat chocolate so I love being able to get this close to it. 

Oh I know this probably a bit naughty, me being in the bath and all, but I LOVE water, nanny says I am just like my mummy and aunties ha ha so funny how that happens.  I have my little bath at Nanny's inside her really big spa bath, she says when I get bigger I can have a big spa bath I can't wait for that.
I love washers I suck them and get to drink all the soapy water oh yeah one of my favourites!!! Yesterday was my brother Lucas's birthday, I never got to meet him, but I know mummy and daddy and everyone else loved him very, very much.  He was only here for 7 weeks and then he went to live with Jesus, so if they all loved him that much how much more must they love me, cause they have got to know me so much better!!?
I hope someone loves you all that much, it makes you feel really good.  I wish I got to know Lucas, I wish I did.  But I will try and make sure everyone always remembers him.
Anyway I am so tired now and nanny is tired too, so till next week, stay loved, stay kind and see ya later alligator. ha ha
Love Elle


  1. So cute.. I like that bathtub too..handy! Our boys love baths also..

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I swear she changes every single week!

    I spent part of today listening to Katy Perry - my niece is obsessed with her "California Girls" video and I kept her entertained for hours while I worked by letting her listen to it. I feel a bit guilty - but it worked.

  3. i love her so...i am so glad you are chronicling her life here.

  4. Oh Kim!!!!!!

    She is so beautiful!!! I love how "she" posts her life for all of us to share! :-)


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