Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Here we are again, it's Tuesday and time for Kim's challenge.  This week it was a vintage theme she wanted us to come up with.  So I have used my bear, not so terribly vintage I hear you murmuring, well it's not so much the bear, but the dress.  A dear friend made this for me several years ago.  I posted about her dolls here she made these for me for my 40th, seems eons ago ha ha!!  Now back to the dress, yes I gave her a bag full of lace and doillies so she could sew beautiful things with them, me not being terribly adept with the old sewing machine and her being a whizz.  In the bag were laces, my mum had cut from old clothes over the years, yes I hear you, what was I thinking, giving away such sentimental stuff, well at the time I was fine with it and to be truthful I still am. It would still be sitting in a bag probably, yellowed and spotted with cocky poo so better that she has it.  Anyhoo I am so off track this morning, she made me this gorgeous bear dress.  She didn't make the bear okay just the dress.  All the lace on it and the little appliqued flowers and shapes, are cut from pieces that either I have worn or mum has worn.  So it is vintage, let me tell you I am vintage so the lace has to be too. I love this bear, and she even made a second pair of undies all lacy and frilly, such a sexy bear ha ha!
layer texture Sweet Treat multiply 100%
adjust brightness/contrast and levels
2nd layer Sweet Treat on soft light 100%

Now for a new find and I am really excited about this, I am actually really really excited, so you have to go check these guys out, "Married with Luggage" a couple who two years ago decided they would sell everything they owned and take off round the world for two year, and they are well on their way right now.  They left back in October last year and are in England right now.  I have to say I am envious to say the least, actually sick with envy to be truthful.  Recently I have really begun to feel that I would die right now with regrets, and you know how we all say we should live our lives with no regrets, well I have them, really big ones.  See about 4 years ago my husband and I had a fleeting moment where we thought we would sell our rental house or our own home and take off round the world, well at least round Europe for 12 months.  We had visions of a back seat video camera set up, camping gear, (me being such a happy camper and all)  NOT and recording the whole gruesome, fun filled trip for some television travel station.  We were so excited even spilled the beans to a few close friends who also got excited with us and then reality hit, well our chicken sides rose up or something like that happened.  

Needless to say we talked ourselves out of it and with all sensible, serious, well thought out arguments too, so here we sit, not having taken off on our first really big out of this world dream trip.  Yes we travelled, 3 overseas trips in 18 months, that was something, but not what we really had thought of originally.  In all fairness, we began to consider the children even though grown, that we would be leaving behind for such a long time.  I found 5 weeks to be tough, last year so how was I going to manage 12 months.  And now with Elle here, well 12 months away is a lifetime really it is, so much happens in such a short time with a baby.  So I am sad when I read this blog, I love it, I am so envious of their ability to do what I can only dream of, and I am annoyed with myself that I have let so many dreams die in my mind and not tried harder to see them come to life.
Even now sitting here I have dreams, that well I talk myself out of them, you can't do that, what if no one wants them, what if you fail, you know all that crap that eats away at our self confidence.  Well that is me and reading this blog, makes me really want to get up and slap myself around a little just to make myself, do something, before I curl up and die.  Wow what a whinging whining post, sorry folks, but maybe I am going to get motivated to do some darn, scary thing, even if it isn't run away for 12 months, I don't want too many regrets, I guess it is a little unrealistic to think we would have absolutely none as the clock stops ticking for each one of us.  But surely from at least today, from this day forward I can strive to have no more, well not too many anyway.


  1. What a sweet bear, and I think it's great that your friend use some of your vintage laces for it. Better than forgotten in a box somewhere. And funny you should mention that blog. I just found it today myself, and love it. One of their posts I read {maybe you did too?} talked about doing something everyday, even if it's just one small thing, toward your dream. So, there's your place to begin. Just one small thing. The rest will take care of itself.

  2. What a lovely story and dress, perfect for vintage! You have reminded me of something similar in my life, thank you, and thank you for your recipe.

  3. What a lovely bear, beautiful work on the dress.

  4. Well ... What a post ! We loved you to travel to France last year! But yes, twelve monthes ... It's is a very long time and Australia ... is sooooooooo faaaaaaaaaar ! ;o)))
    You know, we received yesterday a fabulous hand painted boomerang ... it arrived here extremely fast ... it didn't get back to you and happily, it didn't kill anybody on its way ! ;o)))). The three men of the house have planned to try it very soon but we must find large meadows in the hinterland first ! ;o) We'll be heroes one day ! ;o)
    Thank you so much for this very, very nice present ! Thank you also for this beautiful card. I'm very interested in Aboriginal art, and about Aboriginal people, more generally ...
    You made us very happy !
    PLenty of kisses for you and Adrian, and another one especially for Elle ... A last one for the lovely bear, maybe ?


  5. Even a new bear can be vintage in such a pretty dress! Don't cry over spilled dreams, just hold on to those you have and beware of "sensible"!

  6. First off, that dress is so gorgeous! I too lack a talent for sewing, knitting, really anything with fibers. Smart move to share your vintage finds with someone who can do them justice. Now look, you have this fabulous dress.

    I can understand how you are green with envy watching this couple living "your" dream. When I have a strong reaction as you've shown in this post, I use it as an important signal. Desire can be a great motivator. Maybe it is time to revise the dream by looking at it in a different way. Exchange it for something new -- or reclaim it. In either case, be brave and follow your heart. You can make anything you truly want happen.

    {soul hugs}

  7. The bear looks so cute dressed up in such a pretty dress.

  8. good job I especially like the crate

  9. A beautiful dress...so precious all those bit's of vintage lace to make something so special.Love the old wooden crate also.As the title of your blog: Life is a box of chocolates...you never know what you might get..no regrets of the past..strive for the NEW goals and dreams!WE all have thoughts of should have,could have, would have...the time just wasn't right...I can,I will,for today!

  10. I love the "frame" around the teddy shot.


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