Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday with Elle

Hey hey hey it's Saturday and I got to spend some time with nanny and poppy.  Yeah I love coming here, you know that don't you?!  So pop was home cause it's Easter Saturday and he doesn't work on Saturdays well not much anyway.  And nanny was running around like a chook with it's head cut off getting ready for Aunty Carmel and Uncle Merv to come on Monday arvo.  Last minute shopping etc., now we are all coming for dinner on Monday night, just so we can all get to meet them.  Now instead of a quiet dinner for four old people, it will be a really noisy dinner for 10, nearly all young people.  Ha ha it should be a lot of fun.  I'll be getting to meet Carmel and Merv for the first time even though they have sent me books and clothes and stuff for ages, and they know all about me from nanny, I bet they are excited about meeting me, cause I am so much fun. I better be on my best show off behaviour, you know all the smiling and giggling stuff that gets all the oldies gooing and gahing, it's fun to watch them go all jelly over me.  Now I'm not bragging but that's just the way it is.   And my aunties friend from Perth will be here to, her names Tammy, I bet she's got tattoos like my aunties do.
I was outside for a while today it was so lovely and poppy was playing on the rug with me, he's so funny my pop, he pulls the best crazy faces.  He he he ha ha, he really makes me laugh a lot.
Then I told him a really big secret and he was excited to hear it too.  I can talk pretty good now you know, I say da da quite a bit, hey you know men like it if they get the attention and my daddy loves it that I say his name lots.
Oh and hey hey I was super excited I have some new shoes to show you, I think I'm catching up to my mummy now, she has 85 or 86 pairs of shoes and I am collecting mine too already.  Nan got me the blue ones, how cute are they!?  And you just have to have silver shoes in your wardrobe, they go with absolutely everything you know.
Must go now lots to do to get ready for the visitors, hair to comb, two teeth to clean, and smiles to practice.  Till next week, be loved, be happy, be safe and have a lovely Easter.
Love Elle


  1. Cute cute cute! And the shoes too..Great photos..Happy easter~

  2. those shoes are the cutest!!! great shots with poppy too

  3. Awww...what fun she had with her poppy! Love that sweet flower dress and am totally envious of her growing shoe collection (sounds like she has me out paced already ;) )

    xx Cat brideblu


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