Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time Flies

Gosh time flies, really can you believe it is almost May already?  Can you believe that Easter is over again for another year?  Can you believe we have only another 248 days left in 2011, really we do.  See this blows my mind really, how quickly everything is going.  Do you know that Princess Elle will be 9 months old on Tuesday yep she will, where has that time gone really?  We had a busy and lovely Easter break and include another day off from work for the Anzac Day holiday and we had a 5 day break, it was great.  Our friends, (Bubbles and her hubby Merv) came and stayed a night with us, not long enough by any measure.  We ate and sipped a few bubbles and ate and talked and sipped some more and talked and laughed so it was fun!!!!
 We snapped a few donkey's in a field ha ha or should I say Hee Haw, ha ha!!  I of course have edited these guys with one of Kim's textures for Texture Tuesday, Serendipity this time.
And we all gooed and gaaed over the Princess of course.  How could you not!!!  Now for another short week next week as we have a Monday off once again for the Labour Day weekend.  Eventually we will get back to normal I guess.  I hope your Easter was great too.


  1. I think watching your little Elle grow through her first year makes time just fly by - how amazing all the changes are in this first magical year!

    She is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Oh how I love a four-hooved critter! They're lovely texturized. :) The princess is pretty cute too. ;)

  3. I love your subjects- all SO sweet. good work!

  4. Beautiful texture work!!
    Glad I found you - following now!!

  5. we had such a wonderful time with you guys, as we always do. true friends. xo and of course it was so exciting to finally meet the princess in the flesh! a truly beautiful natured child and ever so cute!!


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