Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday without Elle

I am a little at a loose end today, it's Good Friday and no Elle today.  I think I am having withdrawal symptoms.  My precious little possum is with her mummy and daddy today, it's a public holiday, daddy is at home and there are no weddings today, so she is spending this Friday with them.  So today I am sharing a photo of the possum who has taken up residence in my chook pen.  Not sure if he is a boy or girl, but he /she is really cute.  I am keeping my eye on him though, the chook's grain seems to be disappearing rather quickly recently and did you know that possums eat chicken eggs.  Yep they do, but so far I see no evidence that he is having an omelette for brekky so he is safe for now.  
I love my Fridays with Elle, what an opportunity to spend an entire day with my little granddaughter, to see her grow and change so much every week.  It seems a shame that when I was at home with my own babies I didn't have the time or somedays even the inclination to just sit and watch them.  Of course I did that occasionally, but when you are in the thick of it, making all those big decisions about their future, you know, what kindy, pre school, school, will they go to, should I book them in now.  Is this playgroup the right one for us, should I let her eat this, that or none of that. Bedtime dramas, playtime dilemmas, discipline issues, it all seems to consume you at the time.  Let alone the fact that back in the day I used cloth nappies, so that meant washing and drying and folding up to 30 nappies a day with the twins.  None of this throw away stuff for me.  Actually disposables had only just arrived on the scene when I had the twins, and they were way expensive, and at the time only the really lazy, wasteful, not perfect mothers, used them, so no way was I joining that bunch.  Now it's hard to find a cloth nappy anywhere. 
The hardest decision I make on Friday's now is where Elle and I will sit to play, or what time we will go visit Aunty Jane and Kimmy.  I get to just sit and watch her growing right in front of me and I don't even think about the dishes that need unloading from the dishwasher or the floors that need vacuming, nope it's just me and Elle and we just chill together.  I love that and I am so grateful to my husband for being such a wonderful provider that I have the opportunity to do that.  
Life flies by it really does, look it's almost June and another year will have come and gone.  Well if it all doesn't end on May 11 as some are saying, or 2012 as others predict.  Who knows what the future will hold, who knows what tomorrow will bring, I just know that next Friday, all being well, I will have my baby back, and I will be talking baby talk and sitting gazing raptly at her, as usual and being amazed at how beautiful she is all over again.  I'll be enjoying every moment of my Friday with Elle.
So because I have posted random photos today of some dandelions I shot yesterday, I know you need an Elle fix as much as I do.  These should keep you happy.
Till next Friday have a great Easter weekend.


  1. :)

    She is soo cute..and the dandelions are picture are just getting better and better~

  2. Well, I HOPE the world doesn't end on May 11, because I will miss my birthday the next day, AND the girls' weekend my bestie and I will be having two days after that!

    Kim, your granddaughter is beautiful! What fun it is to be a grandmother...much more fun than being a parent, IMO. Oh, the adventures you will have with her!

    Yes, I did know that possums eat chicken eggs. I have one that camps out in my coop occasionally. I think she just eats the chicken feed, though. Your possums look a lot different than ours here in the States.

  3. Gorgeous photos!

    I found myself agreeing with you - I think it is easier as an grandma/aunt to just relax and watch them than it is for parents who are bogged down in the big and daily worries of raising them.

  4. :) she makes me smile with her happy face!

  5. Awww, this is a wonderful post, I can just feel you missing her. you are so lucky you get to spend all that time with Elle. I know I would be looking forward to it too. hope you have a great Easter Weekend.... I think possums can get be I sound like a Mom. hugs.

  6. Ah she's so precious and how lucky you (and she) are to spend time together. MynDad hardly ever sees my boys, perhaps a few times a year. So sad. And you're right that us mums never just sit back and drink in our precious babies...too busy 'doing'. I'm trying to spend time just 'being' with Diggy as he starts school in Sept and then my babies will both be at school. Sniff. X

  7. i came to see elle and when i saw the title, i almost gasped. threw me for a loop - a friday without sweet pea is just too bland. ;)

    glad she'll be back next week. thinking of you. love ya.


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