Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Texture Tuesday and see my new girls

So once again it is Texture Tuesday over at Kim's place and today I thought I'd show you the SOOC shot and the finished textured shot.  I used the challenge textures Sweet Treat and Silence.  And I added a frame straight from the PSE batch.  Gotta love textures hey what a difference they make.
She Art you've heard of it surely, the incredible Christy Tomlinson workshop where we learn to create this gorgeous little girls.  Well mine aren't as gorgeous as hers or for that matter some of the incredible pieces the other participants have made, but it is fun.  This is my very first girl I was quite happy with her until I took a really close look and then you know that critical little grub comes up and ruins things.  Ha ha well on tomy second child.

This little angel was inspired of course by Elle, who else!!!!!! 

Then my little Diva raised her head and of course with 3 gorgeous girls of my own I know all about Diva's sorry girls, but sometimes......
This hippy chick well I loved the background then I added a bit too much black I think, then she looks like she rolled in a vegemite sandwich eeww!!!   Well i am not giving up I am going to create the perfect girl yet. God watch out your job is under attack ha ha!!!
Now I must hurry off, lots to do today, Alicia is having her 27th birthday on Saturday, ouch that makes me feel really, really old......hell I am!!  I want to get her a little surprise to go with the group present we have bought her.  Hey it's her birthday time to be spoilt.


  1. Kim I love your pictures. I would love to learn how to do them someday. you can see with each picture they get better and better. have a great week and Happy Birthday to Alicia. take care. hugs.

  2. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work..have fun at Alicia's Bday!

  3. Your girls are gorgeous!!!!!

  4. i think your girls are quite nice and your image too!

  5. So pretty! …beautifully done :)

  6. looks like you are getting so much out of your classes! very cute projects.


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