Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspired on Sunday

Sometimes life is tough, it seems that bad things happen to good people, far too often and I have to say it just flat out makes me angry.  My dear friend Se'Lah has emailed and said a friend we send angel cards to who has cancer and is about to go into hospice care, has now to deal with her husband having a stroke.  He is not expected to recover.  I am angry, it's not fair, this poor woman dealing with so much already, now losing her husband.   Now she will most likely spend her last days alone.  How is that allowed to happen?  You know what GOD sometimes you just simply get it wrong.  I don't mean to offend those of you who, like I used to, believe that God is in control of everything and that all good things come from and through him.  Well if that is the case why is he so tight fisted with so many people?  People who just don't deserve it.  There is no answer, I have decided we just expect too much from God.  He isn't that caught up in every single thing we do really I don't think he is.  I think he gives us a passing glance most days and that's it.  The rest of the time we are hanging in there on our own.
Life is complicated, tough, rough, hard, fun, sad, happy, a roller coaster ride, the pits, the best ever, it's a ride we take, never really knowing just where we are going.  Not really, we seem to be headed in a certain direction and suddenly a turn in the road, a bump on the journey and we fall out of the darn car and roll down the hill.  Who knows where we will land.  Is it a nice soft flower bed, filled with blossoms that makes us laugh and smile or is it a hard and uncomfortable bed of thorns and weeds, that cut us up and tear us to pieces.  For most of us it will be both at least once in our lifetimes.  I love this photo of the grapevine clingers that I took on the weekend.  So twisted and bent, that is how the vine stays upright, that is what holds it fast to the structure it is growing on.  It takes this twisted, bent and gnarly little bit to hold the vine up.  To strengthen it, a bit like life isn't it?!
But beauty and joy are just around the corner, most of the time, not always, I must say, but most of the time.  These beautiful hot pink, fairy tutus make me laugh.  A gum tree flower really, they so look like little ballerina out fits to me.
Dance go on, dance like no one is watching, kick up your feet, squeal, laugh and enjoy life while you are able.  Make the most of every day, enjoy everything that life brings, well as best you can.  And walk, crawl, hobble, and run through the crap.
I had a lovely few days with my mum this week, it made me realise just how quickly the days are flying by,  how precious life is, how fleeting really.  She is making the very best of her later years.  Teaching herself to paint and draw, having exhibitions of her work and raising money for endangered animals.  Life hasn't always handed her lemonade, it hasn't always been good to her.  But she has found a way to make that lemonade, to squeeze it out of the lemons she's had sometimes.  I guess it isn't always what or how we want it to be.  It isn't I know, tragedy can jump up and bite you on the butt any old time.  I just have a bit of trouble dealing with the fairness of it sometimes.


  1. I feel deeply for your friend:(

    The photos are lovely.

  2. I'm so sorry about your friend, it just breaks my heart. Life does seem unfair some days, but just as you did in this post, I found looking for the good and beauty somehow makes things a little easier.

  3. Oh Kim I hope you are wrong about God. I am beginning to loose heart. Right now I have to hold on to faith that He knows what is happening because I sure don't. I am so sorry for your friend with cancer. It surly is hard when we can't make since of all the negative stuff we have to live through when we truly are living a faithful life.


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