Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fridays with Elle

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!!!! Yes I am, cause I have a new SWING!!!!!!!  Nanny and poppy bought it for me and it's on the big deck over looking the pool and I can swing really high in it.  It makes my tummy feel funny like a butterfly is in it when I go high, it's so much fun!  
Oh and it makes me feel really sleepy too after a while, I just love it.  So of course here I am at nanny's again and today my big nanny came too.  We decided I'll call her nanny Brenda, she's my nan's mum so she must be really, really old, cause nanny is really old.  
Oh hang on see my shoes, well just like mummy i love, love, love, shoes and nan bought me these the other week.  They are denim with butterflies on the soles and really pretty colours sewn on the top and a flower on the side, mummy would say so cute and really with it. ha ha!
So this is me and nanny Brenda and her husband Bruce.  I don't see them that often cause they live in another city a couple of hours away but I like them, actually i like just about everybody so far.  I hope I stay like that, I like liking people.  I wonder when it is that people stop liking everyone and start not liking them and why?  Do you think it would be better if we all just kept liking everyone?  I know that mummy and daddy and nan and pop, and well all my family think that when I grow up a bit and go to child care or kindy, and some mean kids say things about my spots, then I will be sad.  I will I guess, but I wonder why those other kids will say anything mean to me.  I can't do anything about the spots and the spots don't hurt anyone and ya can't see most of them so why will they be mean to me.  Nan says cause I'm different, well she's different to me and so is pop and well everyone is different.  Jane and Kimmy are really different their skin is a different colour and their hair is crazy different.  I know that cause Kimmy is always touching my hair and Jane to she says it is so soft.  Ha ha I'm glad she likes it.   See look all of us here are different and I think it looks lovely.  You know what, I hope I can just ignore everything mean anyone says to me and just keep liking people.  I want to try anyhow.  Will you try too... to just like everyone, to be kind to everyone and to be a happy face and not an angry mean face?  please then we all can be happy people.
So okay I have to go now and keep all the older people happy cause they just love nursing me and tickling me and feeding me and on and on and on.  Oh and Aunty Carmel is coming next week with Uncle Merv I can't wait to meet them, yeah more friends and people to like and love. Ah life is sooooo good.
So till next Friday and it's Good Friday then be happy, be good, be loved and be ready for the Easter Bunny he he ha ha!!!!
Love Elle


  1. I swear she gets cuter every time I see her

  2. She is a precious jewel..

    Lucky little girl..even grandparents!

  3. She is such a love, I like her little swing. hopefully nobody will say anything about her little spots. Think of you often, sounds like you have had lots of company and more on the way. nice having people around. big hugs to you both.

  4. hi elle, my tummy gets butterflies too when i swing higher and higher...but it's fun to see the world from a different perspective, isn't it? you are such a doll!

    one love.

    (waving at Kim)


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