Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life Map Journalling

More of my art journalling, it is strange for me to do things that are quite messy looking, I guess that is all the letting go of doing this task.  I have to say I am enjoying it though.  I have done another page and really like it, will show you next week.  My scanner is still on the fritz so I am trying to take reasonable photos of the pages.
It surprised me when I looked at the map and saw that i have only lived in those 3 town, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Toowoomba.  I feel like I have been everywhere man.  But we have lived in so many houses, units, caravans etc., I guess that is why I feel like a gypsy.  The house I was born in and that my dad built and he and mum lived in all their married lives and dad lived in for over 40 years was recently demolished and a big rectangle box put up in its place.  It was very strange driving past on a recent visit to Brisbane and seeing another house there.
I like the old map though Tasmania called Van Diemen's Land crazy....
I am still to even go to Tassy, when I wanted to go years ago the children pooh poohed that idea, so it is still an adventure waiting to be had for Adrian and I.  As is much of Australia.  It is such a big country with the cities such a long way apart as far as travel goes.  But on the other hand it is a big land waiting to be discovered by us on the rest of our life journey together.
Where and how far have you been?


  1. I spent my first 18 years in the town my family had been in for generations - I must have got all the travel genes - since then I haven't lived anywhere longer than 4 years and have had stops in Brazil and India.

  2. i've traveled in 28 of the US's 50 states and i've been out of country twice - once to Jamaica and once to Mexico.

    i so want to go to Italy, France and Ireland.

  3. Loved reading this Kim....I have only lived in Western Canada and have travelled to LA and to Florida. not much of a jet setter here that is for sure. There is still so much more of Canada I would like to see, like you those adventures have to wait. take care. think of you often. c


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