Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunshine Yellow

Gosh this looks terrible, anyway it is our main living room, and it is beige I guess you would call it and I don't like it.  You know I am married to a painter and decorator and for the last year nearly we haven't painted a thing in this house except my studio.  So we were overdue for a makeover.  We chose the main living area as you see it when you come into the house, you see it from both the huge deck and you see it from the kitchen.  Now for the colour choice, Yellow.  Yep sunny bright, deep, mustardy yellow I love it.
We had this red abstract in another room, but I wanted some colour to add to the yellow and Adrian suggested the easel, I love the way it looks. What do you do with power points though, argh so annoying having them show like that.  Mind ticking over now.

The colour here isn't true at all, it is way lighter and  brighter than this.  This is a Klimsch print on the wall and she has red and green and yellow surrounding her, she looks lovely.
Adrian also wanted a jazzy chandelier sort of light, but not with dangly bits, I love this light fitting.
It's hard to show you the angles of the room and I haven't quite finished decorating with a few more its and bobs needed I think.  I am on the hunt now. 
The effect of the light at night is crazy, will take a bit of getting used to I think.  But all up I really like the colour strength and the warmth of the yellow.  We usually go with a fairly neutral background and add pictures etc., but I am over that and now I want colour in my rooms.  Main bedroom next and our King size bed should arrive this week yeah!!!! Look forward to that.
What do you think of the colour, tell the truth now?


  1. Wooooow, I love it, it would be my favorite room in the house. I love the vibrant colors. it would sure be a happy day kind of room. sorry I have not been around much lately. I want to go shopping with you....pleeeeasse. hugs. Love it.c


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