Friday, March 4, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Okey Dokey first things first, check out my teeth, yep those two huge great big things on my lower gum, see them?!!  Okay stop looking at the pumpkin on my face and find those teeth!!! Mum is gonna rouse on nanny for taking a picture of me with food on my face.  But nanny says she doesn't care.  So neither do I.  Anyway nanny gives me the spoon to hold and I had a whole rusk to myself too.  I'm getting pretty good at getting the spoon in my mouth but sometimes I miss.
I can hold my own bottle too sometimes, not all the time though, cause actually sometimes I really like the cuddles I get when I am having my bottle.  So I'm not gonna just give up on those cuddles because I can hold the bottle.  I'm gonna string 'em all on a bit longer I think. 
See pretty clever hey?!
My other big news is I can sit up on my own, well I can't sit up from laying down, I nearly can, but if you sit me up I only fall over sometimes now.  I am getting big hey?!
So I slept at nanny and poppies last night, they said they like having me, I am good you know, never any trouble, really.  Mummy and Daddy could go have a romantic night if they wanted too, I want a brother or sister sooner or later so I hope they don't hang on too long.  This is my friend Puff, isn't he just the coolest green ever?!  So I am working on more teeth, more balance and more holding things.  Not terribly keen on the crawling thing though.  I'll keep you informed on my progress okay.
Until next week
Lots of Love


  1. what a precious little face, and with two teeth. kim she is growing so so fast and has the most gorgeous blue eyes and smile. and very clever too! xo

  2. Oh, Elle, you will soon discover that teeth are just wonderful!! You will have more and more popping up in the very near future. I know you like to suck your you have to be careful that you don't bite it!! Haha!

    Make sure you wear a hat and sunscreen when you go outside. We have to protect your very special spots from the harsh sunshine, you know. Have a wonderful week, precious girl!


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