Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Art Journalling a Journey

Talk about excited, like a little kid waiting for the postman to come, well that was me until yesterday.  I have been waiting on a special kit to arrive from my favourite scrapbooking and papercraft store Blue Bazaar.  They are running an Art Journalling day each Friday and I have wanted to Art Journal forever, but really I am so not arty.  I can get a nice photo now and then, thank heavens for digital cause I delete heaps.  I have done some crafty things over the years, ceramics I liked, but really how many, bowls, platters and vases can one person have.  Scrapbooking, well I really enjoy that, but I have always wanted to be like an artist you know, make something from scratch.  So when they offered this kit and then the weekly prompts, I had to jump on board.  All my goodies arrived yesterday along with a couple of my Stampington Magazines, Digital Studio and Apprentice oooh I love Stampington magazines!!!!
Blue Bazaar's Luise blogs a prompt and some directions each week and to be honest I am really just following her lead at this stage.
This first page is the 10 most important things for me in 2011.  
creating, peace, calming down, healthy living, building friendships, family, accepting me, centering myself, finding my muse and doing it!!!!!  These are the things I want to concentrate on this year.
I found the entire process wonderful.  I actually felt like I was creating something that was okay.
We had to write a quote around the outside and my quote was...
The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, "Oh how useless and powerless I am."  It is essential to think strongly and forcefully "I can do it", without boasting or fretting
Tenzin Gyatso   14th Dalai Lama

My scanner isn't working I wish I could show you the entire page, but I love it!  I enjoyed it so much.  Do you Art Journal?


  1. Looks like fun..What a great kit..


  2. I've never considered art journalling, but you make it look very appealing!

  3. sooo cool. you're so creative. i have never done scrapbooking but i know all about stalking mailmen ;).


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