Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Driving in the Country

I like to drive, anywhere, somewhere I don't know I am going, destination unknown, it's kind of unsettling for me because I am such an organiser, planner, no surprises sort of person.  I used to be spontaneous, well I think I was, I can't really remember that far back.  But along came children, and well you know you have to take bags of this and that, time it for between feeds on and on so the spontaneity went out the window.  Now I like to drive, anywhere, to take a picture that I like to try and show you what I see.
Fields, acres and acres of sorghum, the gorgeous rich red of the seeds, I love it.
I found a zoo the other day. I knew it was there but I'd never been so I went.  It's a tiny zoo mostly native animals, but they are beautiful and I had the place pretty much to my self.  Kangaroos and wallabies, cattle egrets (above) and lions and tigers.
This red kangaroo is the thinnest I have ever seen, normally really stocky and with huge shoulders.  These are the boxing kangaroos you might see.  They can stand over 6 feet tall.  As a little girl, my godfather was a roo shooter, and on a visit to their house I met a Big Red as they are known.  He had been found in the mothers pouch when she was killed and they had kept him and reared him for years.  He loved me apparently, he hopped up to me outside and began to pick the salt from the top of my head.  I was about 4years old and tiny and he was well over six feet.  My poor mother was terrified. I was fine. The emu in the background made it's grunting sound but was very tame.

Two black swans danced for me, have you seen the movie I want to?
Big eyed emus stared at me.
I followed the wheat trail home, rows and rows of golden leaves rustling in the breeze. Small towns visited, roads less travelled taken.  I'll go again in another direction soon.


  1. i am a zoo lover at heart !!!
    great photos !!

  2. Just lovely~ Country roads are my favorite.

  3. Just beautiful Kim, oh I wish I was out of this winter here, come to you where there is some color. Ha I would probably not even get to the airport...anxiously waiting for Spring, how are you. hugs.

  4. I love random road trips too - no better way to relax and clear my mind.

    Your photos are beautiful!


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