Monday, February 28, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Okay okay, first thing Nan says I have to do is apologise for not being here last week, see there was no internet.  Nan has been funny since there is no internet, kinda jumpy and twitchy, she says she realises she is addicted to it.  Like me and my chewing on things I guess I'm kinda addicted to that so I know what she means.  Anyhow let's catch up on the last two Fridays with my nan.  The first one was good we went to visit Taban and Jane only Jane wasn't there.  So I played with Kimmy and Marni they were fun.
I look a bit weird here hey and mum is gonna freak cause I was meant to have this really cool little smock over this shirt thingy but it was hot so nan took it off.  Mum does not like me to be under dressed.  Doesn't Aunty Jane have pretty things on her lounge?
Actually there is my pretty dress mummies friend got it in Bangkok for me. 

So are you a hat person, I so am, nanny so isn't, she says she looks ridiculous in hats, she has a really floppy one she wears in the pool though.
Me I can pull hats off don't ya think, actually I can pull just about anything off.  Cute is cute and you have to learn to wear it well I say.
So now this Friday we went to Jane's again and she was home this time, she was braiding Kimmy's  hair.  It's so cool you know she puts wool in her hair and ties beads on the ends.  I just chilled out and watched.

There was anew person there too a guy called Daniel and he wa funny he wanted to have his photo taken with me,  Cause I'm so cute I think.
I'm okay with the photo thing, nan takes photos of me all the time, all the time, if you get me and of my feet too sometimes.  Weird I think.
Mummy bought me this outfit, I think Dad gets a bit crazy cause mummy is always shopping for me and nan too though she says she is't going to for a while, but I bet she will.
So these shorts are down to like my knees and this little lemon t-shirt is pretty don't you think?  Kimmy and Jane always look at my spots.  Nan told Aunty Jane that I can't make up my mind if I want to be a brown baby or a white baby so I am going with both, she's funny my nan.  We are hanging out all the time Nan and me and I love it.  I have had 2 sleep overs now and Nanny is getting a King size bed in a few weeks so I will be able to get in the middle and watch cartoons on Saturdays if I sleep over.  Nanny told me mummy used to get in the middle of her and pop and watch telly on the weekends and nanny used to read to her heaps and heaps.  So I think I'll do the same.  Oh oh I nearly forgot I have another tooth so that's 2 now.  I am so darn clever it's dangerous.
Well must go now talk to you next week so long as the internet stays sorted.
Love Elle xo


  1. You're such a great grandma, Kim ! And Baby Elle is getting a pretty young lady now ! ;o) I love her smile. We kept Paul and Clément in the middle of our bed a long time too, you know ? They loved those moments. I didn't want any television in the bedroom but we talked and laughed and read books ... ;o))) We had wonderful moments !
    Plenty of kisses to all of you !
    Hélène, Philippe, Paul and Clément

  2. Is it possible? She is even cuter than before:) She's a hat girl..I would miss the net too:)

  3. all these cute faces. omgoodness. i love this post.



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