Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Hey there I had another sleep over this week at Nan and Pop's place and cause I was so excited about being here I decided to get up really early.  I wanted to spend as much time as I could with them so 5am I got up on Friday.  Nan and Pop look a bit funny at that time of the day.  There eyes are a bit watery and they kind of moan a bit.  Anyway Pop got back into bed with me after Nan made the bottle and we watched some news show while I had my brekky.  Nan said there is no way you would ever get to see a picture of her in bed at this time of day, I don't know why????
Look what I can do, everyone laughs when I do this and I kinda give little snorts to and that really sets everyone off.  I really like making people laugh.  I wonder if I could get a job, whatever that is, I hear people talking about there jobs, making people laugh.  It's really easy for me.
Oh and chewing maybe I could get a job chewing I am really good at that.  Do you know of anyone who needs something chewed, cause I am up for it really!!!
We went to see Aunty Jane and Kimmy again today. I like going there the kids are funny.  There is always someone new too, so I get to meet lots of people.  This is Russlen, he really liked me, but I'm not ready for any serious relationship yet so he'll just have to wait.  Aunty Jane had crazy hair today too, I love it, she puts beads in it sometimes, and sometimes it is all different colours and stuff.  She likes my hair she says it is really soft, it is too, and fluffy.  Maybe one day she will put beads in my hair.
Me and Kimmy hung out for a while, she loves me.  She holds my hand and tickles my back and touches my head she thinks I am cute.  She's pretty sweet too.  She is named after my Nan so she is like another grandbaby.
We two girls laugh a lot together, not telling you what about though, it's secret girls business okay.  But she gets me, really she does.  You know she will be 4 on 1st August and I'll be 1 on August 3rd.  So we have a real bond you know.  Ha ha!  Nanny was there in the hospital just after Kimmy was born she was still all yucky and stuff and Jane was really out of it still, so we are all pretty close.  Nanny tried to get to the hospital for the birth but just missed it.  
We were playing a game yesterday where I put this pink thing on my head and then pulled it off and once again everyone laughed.  See what I mean, now you go sit on the floor stick a doily on ya head and pull it off and see if people laugh or call a doctor.  For me they laugh I must have the knack.
Nanny took this photo of Russlen cause he just wanted a picture of himself, he's cute don't ya think, but like I said I'm just not ready for anything serious at the moment.  Nan says I should wait like my mummy did and then when I find the right boy I'll know it.  Mummy never dated lots of boys, she went out with maybe 3 to the movies or coffee and she said she knew they weren't the right ones cause when she thought about kissin' them she said her mouth felt like it was made of carpet.  I don't get that either, but she said when she thought about kissin' daddy she felt really good hahaha, so I'm waiting to see if I get carpet mouth when I grow up.  I sure don't want to get around kissin' lots of boys though.

See Kimmy's pretty beads in her hair, I hope I can get that in my hair later and she is so clever she has the best sticking out tongue things I have ever seen.  I'm gonna practice and see if I can get as good as her.  She's a legend.  Russlen was giving me some tips, but i think I still have to work on the whole open mouth tongue poke thing still.

So for now I'm just gonna smile and hope the whole world smiles with me.  Till next week everyone be safe and be loved.


  1. Those precious faces are making me squeal. What joy there is in your days.

  2. adorable!! looks like they had a good time


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