Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Art Journal

So now I am chomping at the bit to get into my art journalling again.  It's been days since I did any mainly because we have,.... excuse me.... BLOODY MICE in the studio.  And I am no animal lover when it comes to four legged tiny bucky toothed vermon.  Seriously gross me out.  So I have layered corners with pretty lime green rat poison.  I have got a little smelly squirter thingy going off every 15 minutes, I can't stand the slightest whiff of mouse.  And I recruit Adrian every afternoon to scout out the studio to see if there are any more mouse or rat poops anywhere.  I am the biggest sook when it comes to this really.
So I have all my stuff on the kitchen table this morning and I am going to do some work down here.  I have also signed up for the She Art class which starts in April, so I am getting into finding my arty side.  Hope I actually have one ha ha!!  Fun looking for it anyways.
Above is a collage page we were prompted to do at the Blue Bazaar  site.  Go to the blog and then the Art Journal prompt on the side.  Also this has to be one of the very best scrapping and paper supplies sites I have ever found.  I actually really like the colours in this and I love all the smudging around the panels. 
This prompt was meant to be using punches.  I only have a couple of punches so used stencils instead got a similar effect and I don't mind this page either.  I must be liking myself more I don't hate everything I create lately. I am surprised at the actual level of enjoyment I get from this fiddling.  I know I would spend hours scrapping some time back and I really do need to get back into that as well, time my friends that's the thing finding the time and managing the time I do have better.
So off to play have a good one.


  1. I like the journal, sorry about the mice, you know what works here. my cat...don't know if that is an option for you....have fun with your journals, hope the little critters are all gone soon. hugs to you.

  2. Mice! How can I be so afraid of something so small?

  3. I wish I could get all my stuff unpacked and orginized from the move. I want to work on my journal too! I just feel so unmotivated right now. Hopefully today I will get something cute made. Love what you shared today!

    About the mouse, I think they are cute. Maybe try to think of them as pets and look at some Beatrix Potter images maybe you won't be so wigged out. I do hate the mess they make and want them to live outside though. LOL
    Have a great creative day!

  4. these are beautiful pages!

    i couldn't deal with the mice either.


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