Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Evenings

It's Sunday evening the sun is starting to go down and the air is cooling off.  Autumn is really beginning to make herself known.  I can see trees, tall and majestic, tattered and torn from my window.  I can see birds flying with and against the wind in the cloudy sky.  I can even see a big brown nest made from sticks high in the branches of one particularly tall tree.  I hear the birds talking and fighting and making it known this is my tree stay away.
The remnants of some babies who didn't make it I found on the ground.
And the plumage of some that grew to be beautiful.
I am reminded that in nature life is fragile the strongest win and the weak lose.  The beauty and fragility remains though.

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  1. beautiful write about the fragile nature of life.


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