Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fridays with Elle

It is hot, hot, hot!  The hottest summer in a while Nanny says.  Oh hi everyone I forgot my manners for a minute.  Welcome to my place on Friday's ha ha, well not really my place but you know what I mean.  So anyway back to the weather, what the heck is happening here?  Everyone is saying the weather is really weird at the moment.  I don't know cause I haven't been around that long, all I know is it is really hot.  So when Pop came home from work, we got in the pool and it was like 5pm.  I think that's late cause Nan was saying oh wow fancy being able to swim this late.  It was really sunny too, I got a new hat and I had to wear it, I don't want old skin too soon.  Nanny says she should have worn a hat and sunscreen years ago but she didn't and now she says her skin is all wrecked.  I don't know she feels kinda soft and squishy to me and I like that.  
Back to the pool and swimming, pop holds the little seat thing I get to float in and keeps my face out of the sun and I chew on the plastic, actually I chew on anything and everything.  I don't know why it all just goes in my mouth before I can do anything about it.  I like the taste of some of it and I don't like some, but how will I know what I like if I don't try it.  So Nanny and I are getting on really well, today when Pop came home he was giving me my bottle and he was telling nan that whenever I heard her voice I was looking for her.  Well I know her voice really well now and I never really thought about it but I like knowing where she is.  When I go to bed here she will lay next to me sometimes and stroke my face and talk to me.  She says things like here's your little nose and here's your little eyes and all the time she is tickling my face, I love that.  We have a special song too, you know that one about the Mockingbird. Nanny sings Nannies gonna buy you a Mockingbird and if that Mockingbird don't sing, Nannies gonna buy you a diamond ring.  So I hope when she buys me that bird thing it doesn't sing, cause I've heard mummy telling daddy that she loves diamond rings so I think I want one too.  Anyway I do like the songs and the tickling of my face and Nan says I am my mother's daughter, huh well of course I am, is she crazy.  Then she say's your mummy liked this too and your aunties so I guess it must run in the genes hey.  
Oh did you know that I am having my very first sleep over tomorrow too here at Nan and Pop's place?  Mummy and daddy are going away for the weekend cause it was daddies birthday this week, he is sooooo old now 30 something I think, and anyway mummy is taking him to this show down the coast.  I am coming over to spend the night here, and I am planning some mischief too.  Mummy told me how she used to cry when it was bed time and nanny would pick her up and nurse her to sleep, so I think I'll give that a go for a start.  Then maybe I'll put my arms up when pop walks in the room, cause the last time I did it he grinned all over the place and picked me straight up.  Who woulda guessed it was so easy to get everyone to do whatever I want.  It is okay to do that isn't it, I mean well how else do I get what I want?  Okay gonna go now, gotta get in some sleep before I go to Nan's so I don't need any there, I know she'll want to stay up all night looking at me and talking to me and playing with me and feeding me and well just everything else I want.  It's gonna be so much fun.
See ya next week,
Love Elle


  1. Esther Williams:) So cute..Have fun w/ the sleepover..Memories to last a lifetime!

  2. I hope you will print and save these posts for Elle to read and enjoy later... fabulous!!!


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