Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Surprise

I have seen this little girl a few times now, at first I couldn't tell if she was a he or a she, now I know because her pouch is full.  Can you see the big full pouch at the front of her body, in here is her baby and while she was sitting watching me watch her through my office window, its legs were moving furiously.  She is so cute.
I hope I get to see this little one pop it's head out soon.  You never know, and she is so timid.  As soon as she even spots my shadow moving inside she is all hesitant and on edge.  I hear people ask all the time if here in Australia kangaroos and wallabies are hopping down the street, well usually we would say no.  Here we I live we have 9 acres and about 4 of that is scrub and the surrounding houses have lots of bushland too.  We really do get kangaroos in our back yards.  I love it.  She is if I am correct a Red Necked (Bennett's) Wallaby and her baby will be in her pouch for about 9 months.  When they are born they are tiny and hairless and by the time they leave the pouch they are quite big.  The females of this species stay living fairly close together but the males will leave.  Though they will often associate together. So I will keep my eye out for the joey and hopefully I will get to meet him/her before too much longer.

Darling Harbour at night is magical don't you think.  All the pretty lights shimmering on the water like fireworks.
My friends Carmel & her hubby Merv at Sub Solo Spanish Restaurant in Sydney.  We loved this place the food was great and doesn't Carmel look great all decked out in her tiara!  Ha ha!!

Hiding amongst the balloons the boys put up for me while Carmel and I were out buying drinks.  I got such a surprise when we came back in the room.  Streamers and balloons and huge 50 stickers on the windows.  I hate to think what the cleaning lady thought each day.  We left them there all weekend too it was great.  So till next time have a great weekend, think I might go swim now, it sure is hot enough.


  1. It has been a long time since I visited you here down under (Since Lens us Together days) and I see that a LOT has happened! Love your Fridays with Elle...she is as gorgeous as your three daughters...I have my two grandchildren every Friday is a special day indeed.

    And I love your birthday celebration! What wonderful food, family, and friends!

    And I love looking at pictures of summer right now:) Come back and visit whenever you feel the need to see more snow:)


  2. This is one of my absolute FAVOURITE posts!!!! I can't wait to show Little Se'lah!!! You warm my heart so much!

  3. Very interesting, you look great in amongst the baloons. have a great week. smiles.

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    I am so excited to see a kangaroo! (It almost feels like I am seeing it in real life, since you're seeing it. ;)


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