Wednesday, February 2, 2011

50 and Fabulous

Happy Birthday to me for the last time.  Wow what a week it's been!  First my wonderful dinner with my family, what a surprise and what a blast that was.  Then our weekend away in Sydney with our good friends Carmel and Merv.  That was a blast too! Seriously spoilt that's all I can say I am.  Thank you guys I love ya.
This beautiful Pandora gift of two charms for my Breast Cancer pink leather bracelet from Carmel and Merv is gorgeous.  The little wrapped present to remind me it was for my birthday and the little clock because as Carmel said time is racing by ha ha wait till she turns 50.
Our weekend was spent laughing, and sipping Bubbles and laughing and chatting.  Adrian and Merv climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, very well done I must say.  Carmel and I wandered the streets of Sydney, shopping in the Markets, and then decided after we were unable to get a facial or massage at short notice, that we would instead, take a ride on the super fast speed boat that flies across the harbour.  We donned our totally classy looking plastic purple ponchos and wondered why we even bothered.  Totally saturated at the end of the 45 min dash we stood dripping on the waterfront at Circular Quay.  We screamed, laughed, spluttered as we copped mouthfuls of salty water, squinted through our totally splattered glasses and the salty stinging water.  We had a blast.  It was so much fun, so glad we did it.  The guys were a little envious I think.  No pictures of that though as absolutely everything is banned in the boats.  You have to use both hands to hang on or go swimming ha ha!
Sunday morning found us at Manly for breakfast and strolling along the ocean front.  The hot sun beating down and the ever present life savers on duty. 
Sunny summer days in Australia are best spent near or on the water.  
Even our animals take to the water when they can.
My birthday was fabulous, I was surrounded by people I love doing things I love to do, eating, drinking, going to the theatre, did I mention we went to Jersey Boys in Sydney?  What better could I have asked for, nothing truly. 
If 2011 is like this all year I will need lots of sleep and lots of exercise ha ha, what a way to go.


  1. I am so happy for you that this year is so great!

    What a lovely lovely lovely birthday..I really like that effect of the beach w/ the 2 people..Your hubby and?

    I can't tell..

    How did you do that?

    I know people that have those beautiful pandora bracelets..You must enjoy it!

    I am glad your country looks happy in these photos..

  2. So glad your family and friends showered you with love on a very special birthday

  3. you are one lucky girl!! no photos of the boys decorations?? thankyou for a fantastic time. have to do it all again soon. xoxo

  4. Congrats and Happy birthday to you. I am glad you had a wonderful time. It's nice to be pampered occasionally. I have a big one coming up next year "40" I think I need to start planning now.

  5. OMG!!!!! BREATHTAKING!!! As I sit here in the midst of yet another blizzard (a 3 day one this time), I am transported to Australia. aaaaaah.

    Thanks. one love and HAPPY 50TH AGAIN and again and again and ag...

  6. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 50 and fabulous; the gift & card are too beautiful. Glad you ushered your day in doing all things 'you.' :-)

  7. Oh your weekend just looks awesome, the boatride must have been fun, although I am not really a water person. love wwalking on the beach though., enjoy the days ahead. c

  8. Monique no not my hubby but a lifesaver, volunteers who rescue people in trouble etc. I edited the pic adding a texture that had quite dark edges and set the mode on hard light I think it was at about 60% I can email you the instructions if you like.
    Liss I would never have thought you were 40 you hold it well.
    Carmel you'll be 50 soon watch out.

  9. PLenty of kisses from all of us for a very special birthday ! I can see you had a wonderful time ... ;o)

  10. happy birthday, my dear friend.
    as i read your comment last night, i cried. i felt so much love from you. you always gift me that feeling.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you're 50 and fabulous, I'm 40 ha.

    Gosh what wonderful photos. Your climate is so different than ours, currently it's cold, wet, grey and misty. It's miserable! x


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