Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fridays with Elle - On Thursday

Hey there everyone, well I'm a day early this week and it's not my fault, you would have heard that Nanny turned 50 on Tuesday and guess what Australia has a holiday for Nan's birthday.  Yes they do it's called Australia Day, Nan says it's because everyone was so excited and happy when she was born.  My Great Nanny had 36 hours of labour and then a c section so I guess she needed a holiday the next day. Umm now where was I, oh yeah I'm here a day early because Nanny and Poppy are going to Sydney to celebrate Nan's birthday and Aunty Carmel's birthday and Uncle Merv and Aunty Carmel's wedding anniversary, sounds like good fun to me.  Don't know why I didn't get an invite actually.  So yesterday I was with Nan too, she's really spoilt this week she's seen me heaps.  Oh yesterday was really, really hot and the pool was like a big bathtub it was great.  Mummy and both my Aunties and Nanny and me all went swimming, then poppy came home and I had a really big swim with him.  I like the water most of the time, cause I get really hot and it's good fun floating around in the water.  It tastes kind of salty so I keep putting my hands in the water and then sucking them good stuff.

More big news is I am eating solids now, well sometimes I am anyway, I am not going to make this easy for anyone and sometimes I just don't want them okay.  But mummy perseveres and usually I give in and eat the darn stuff.  Mummy used to hold my hands down while I was eating cause she hates it when I get food in my hair and on my face.  Nanny said don't be silly that's how I will earn to eat  and too feed myself, so now mummy gives me the spoon after I have had a little bit.  I love getting hold of that.
Actually I'm pretty good with it too, I can do all sorts of things with it.
Only some of them involve eating, I have discovered it is a really handy tool to have.  You can scratch your ear with it and wave with it. 
Yes I can actually eat with it but that's not so interesting hey?!
Oh and the really big news today is Nanny found my first toothy peg, she was letting me chew on her finger and she noticed this little hard line on my gum, I have been chewing stuff for ages, cause my gums have been hurting and now I have this little hard bit coming.  It must be a really big deal cause straight away Mummy put her finger in my mouth to have a feel too and then Nanny rang Poppy and told him and she emailed Aunty Carmel and my other real Aunties, everyone was really excited, really I didn't do anything it just happened.  Oh well off for a little nap before Mummy comes to get me so I'll see ya all next week okay, have a good weekend won't ya.


  1. You are keeping us up to date on Elle beautifully!

  2. She just gets more and more adorable!

    Happy Australia Day!

  3. she's such a cutie!!!! you are incredibly blessed, indeed.

  4. I am blessed beyond belief and so in love with our little angel, thank you everyone

  5. She's gorgeous! Love the expressions.


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