Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Hey again everyone, wow what a week it's been here in Toowoomba and Australia really.  Floods everywhere, Nan says it is settling down now but for a while there it was pretty bad.
But for some really important news, well it is for me guess what!!!!!!!  Well did ya guess?  Nope I bet you didn't I can roll over YEAH!!!!!! Talk about clever, I bet I'm the first one ever to do it too, I'll probably make some record book for sure, I know it's special cause you should see everyone when I do it.  The video recorder came out at home, Aunty Ink took video on her phone, Nanny takes photos and everyone jumps around and gets sooooo excited.

Yeah I know I look a bit funny here cause sometimes when I roll over my arm kinda gets stuck, but hey I'm getting better all the time really.
I have this strange urge to move forward, I try and pull my legs up under me a bit, but it's hard you know.  So I'm going to do a bit of exercise and get really, really strong and who knows what will happen.

Nanny says I am really clever and really bendy, I don't see the big deal really, can't you all suck on your own toes?  You know the other day I heard mummy telling Nanny that I went to sleep sucking on my big chubby toe instead of my thumb, so?  What's the big deal?

Oh and can you see my spots in some of these pictures, well that's called giant congenital nevus, pretty fancy hey.  Anyhow I have them on my legs and the back of my head and back.  They won't go away ever and you can't do much with them.  Everyone was a bit worried in the beginning, but I think now they just forget they are there most of the time.  You know it makes me realise how lucky I am.  I have sooooooo many people who love me, really, really love me and not one of them cares a hoot about my spots.  So I hope when I grow up I don't worry too much about them.  I'm gonna try not too anyway.  Pop says he'll fix anyone who says anything to me, then he laughs, I wonder if I will laugh, I hope so.  I know mummy and daddy worry a bit about it and nan and well everyone really, so I guess time will tell how I handle it.  At the moment it doesn't bother me one little bit.  I'm more interested in my toes, gosh they taste good.  Anyway till next week everyone, have a great week.


  1. oh my gosh, you are a gorgeous child, and so very lucky to have a beautiful family. and of course, very very clever. wish i could suck my toes!!
    kim the last photo of elle is just beautiful. xo

  2. She just makes me smile.. A tonic for sure.Those eyes..your girls have them too:) She is beyond a doubt beautiful..Love the yoga pose:)

  3. You are just the bravest, brightest, most interesting and interested little girl, Elle. I am so glad that you enjoy your toes. My babies did too! Rolling over! My what progress you are making. Your eyes are so bright that I just know you are learning new stuff every single day. Never stop. Know what? I think I still learn new stuff almost every day.

    So sorry about the floods. We have all been watching the stories and videos way, way over here. Now they are saying more rain is coming. I hope not. You stay dry, all right? And keep your toes out of the mud if you are going to suck on them!

    About the spots, sweet babe. A long, long time from now, maybe some people will say things that might hurt your feelings. But, you are already an intelligent, loving, interesting little person. I have no doubt that you will rise above the comments of people and the looks that they might give you. Just look how much you have to offer the world already....besides those special spots!

  4. Your little princess gets cuter every day! You better watch out, first it is a simple rollover then soon you will be running after her! :-) Enjoy every moment! Glad you and family are safe from flooding.

  5. "The eyes are the mirrors of the soul." Love her eyes. Gorgeous photos, Kim.


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