Friday, January 21, 2011

Rushing By

No particular reason for posting this rather ordinary photograph other than to make your mouths water and you extremely envious.  This was our dinner last night, the freshest white (I know eat more grain yeah yeah) roll filled with the freshest black tiger prawns, oh my they were good and the most delish avocado.  This was topped with a sprinkle of home grown basil oh the smell was divine and drizzled with lemon juice and macadamia oil, to die for really it was.  
So are you jealous?!!

I know I haven't been here all week, sorry about that but the days are seeming to just fly by.  In 4 teeny weeny days holy hector I will be 50 eek, yep 50 where did the time go, where did the years go?  Seriously I can remember sitting on my kitchen floor as a toddler and wetting my pants and not being game to move for hours.  My mother saying come on Kim hop up go play, come on, all day really.  Turned out I had kidney problems and needed a little op and then at 18 a major op and the risk of having a kidney removed.  Fortunately 8 hours later, 11 kidney stones and a very hard working doc, I still have them both today.  Yeah for persistent patient doctors.  
I can remember so vividly the first fight I ever saw or heard my parents have, I was about 8 and I was devastated.  They divorced a few years later.  I remember our early family holidays at Coffs Harbour, at the Banana Bowl Caravan Park and the boy who drowned even though my dad tried so hard to rescue him.  I was 6.  I remember moving to the Gold Coast at 15, moving to Toowoomba at 19, meeting Adrian, falling in love at first sight, I really did.  I remember Adrian meeting my dad, oh boy!!!  I remember my dad eventually loving him and them fishing together.  I can vividly recall the night dad told me he had cancer and the final days we had together 2 years later.  I still weep.  I remember living in a nice house, living in a caravan, living in flats and units and many houses over the years.    I remember asking Adrian to marry me, yeah I know wrong way round hey oh well.  The wedding day, the arguments, the pregnancies, the babies, the moves, the fights, making up (wink wink)  laughing, crying, loving always even though it didn't always feel like it.  
So many things over the years that could have broken us, but fortunately didn't.  I can recall clearly Alicia's wedding day, my first born child whom I adore walking out of our front door for the last time a Kath now a Middleton. I remember the joy of our first grandson Lucas, the absolute breaking of our hearts and spirits when he left us so shortly after.  The tears are still there, we just are learning to hold them back.  I remember friends who were there for us for a little while, but who no longer gather with us, that makes me sad.  I can recall with such joy seeing Ashleigh and Danielle my gorgeous twins, in the Heathrow airport and hugging them and laughing and crying and Christmas in England, Bath, the Cottswolds, Oxford, Cambridge and tasting my first Pinot Grigio.   I think often of the Cinque Terre, Paris, Rottenburg, Austria, Switzerland, my friend Gretchen from Ohio, John & Sharon from California, Helene, Phillipe, Clement and Paul in Cannes, the people who have brought joy and friendship into our lives.  I laugh and cry and stare in wonder when I think of Elle our beautiful angel child.  Our little granddaughter, whom we love so very much.  I think ahead too, to the next weddings, the next grandchildren, the next friends, the next journeys, the rest of our lives together.  It is exciting, daunting, scary, challenging, all these and much more.  But mostly the time has just flown by.  Now new friends, Carmel and Merv, Se'Lah in America and who knows who else will pass by, linger a while, run like crazy when they really get to know us ha ha!!!!  It is all a part of this life we live this journey we are on.  Will the next 50 years fly by as quickly. let's see hey?
I can hear you saying, you really want another 50 that makes you 100 you know?!!!  Yeah I do, if I can see, talk, laugh, walk, eat, oh I do love eating, drink a little, or a lot depending,  remember names and faces, dates and places, yeah I want another 50.  I want the the pain, the tears, the fears, the heartache and the heart wrenching love and absolute joy and excitement that everyday brings with it.  After all if the next 50 rush by like the last 50 it'll be a breeze.  Wanna stick around and see it with me?


  1. Happy soon to be birthday~!
    May all your dreams.. come true..may your life stay as lovely as now~

    Thank you for this interesting~

    A life well lived..and loved.

  2. well, many congratulations on your 1st 50. I hope your birthday is wonderful and that you enjoy the best beginnings of your next 50! :)

  3. What beautiful memories! I hope the next 50 just gets better!

  4. Yes, the photo made me jealous of your dinner!

    I am loving the world-going-by photo. Gorgeous greens and lack-of-focus.

    Wishing you another 50 full of love and joy and excitement!

  5. What a wonderful post. All those memories just seem to be spilling out of you faster than you can type. Thank you for sharing.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday day and 50 more!

    And, 50? For me it has been so long ago, I can hardly remember! I get my Medicare card this year.

  6. thanks for the birthday wishes 50 boy it's come quick really any way i survived and here's to the next 50 yeeha!!!

  7. 50, that's sooooo old- haha. Love you.

  8. Ah 50! Seems like only yesterday. But I can appreciate your thoughts as I had the very same ones you did when I turned the Big 5-0! So you're not alone, I also asked my husband to marry me. I couldn't stand waiting any longer for him to pop the question. We're heading towards 34 years together!! Also, and that sandwich, wish I could just reach in and grab it. It looks soooo delicious. Although I'll just have to settle for your description of how good it tasted. Happy Birthday!


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