Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Well hi there all.  Here it is a week later and I'm back again, glad to see ya all.  Did ya like that me being all southern gal like ha ha!!!  So anyway thought I'd show you this photo of me sleeping cause if you listen to my mum and nan too you'd think I never did it, but this picture proves otherwise.  I have said it before why would a gal want to sleep when so much is going on?  Today though I hate to admit it I was a little sleepy.  The weather had it's way I think it's been so darn hot it wears me out.  I get really hot cause the mark on my back doesn't sweat and I don't cool down, bummer really but hey I deal with it.  Nan doesn't sleep well either and pop told her she has started snoring (you can guess how that went down eek)  so she had a sleep test done and guess what she's got this thing called sleep apnea.  She's actually got a severe case so that's why she has been so tired and put on weight and got forgetful (yeah right, I guess she's gotta blame something)  oops she might be listening so not too loud okay.  Anyhow she is gonna get a mask thing to sleep with when she gets back from Sydney in a week or two.  She says pop needs one too I think that's funny they'll look like they're in an icu ward at night ha ha!!
Now you know I love this Jolly Jumper that my Aunties bought me for Christmas, well I more than like it, I love it big time.  And boy baby have I got the moves, you betch ya I do.  Groove on man, ha ha.  Nan put me in it and I just let loose.  I have this big spotty dragon guy he's so cute and he hug out with me while I danced and twirled and jumped, boy I can jump high in it, it's so much fun.
See look no feet who needs em in this thing.  I just couldn't get old dragon though gosh I had so much fun.  Oh and there is this add on the telly about some expo in town and I love it they have these people with really high voices and I just have to stop and watch it whenever it comes on, I bet you have some sort of add you like too or hate maybe.
Now next Friday, Nanny and Poppy are going to Sydney with Aunty Carmel and Uncle Merv, so I am coming here on Thursday instead of Friday.  Nan says she gets Elle withdrawals if she doesn't see me at least once a week.  It's usually more though and she laughed cause she said Aunty Carmel has to have Fridays with me or she misses me too, so you'll be glad Aunty Carmel that I'll be here on Thursday so mark ya diary and check in then okay.  Nan is going to Sydney to celebrate her fiftieth birthday is that old?  I'm nearly 6 months and it feels like a lifetime to me.  She's looking older, oops probably shouldn't say that hey?  Pop wants to climb the Sydney Harbour with Aunty Carmel and Uncle Merv, Nan isn't sure if she'll make it cause her stupid old back is not so good.  I wish I could go to Sydney I'm not too sure where it is but I think I like to travel, any offers?  Anyhow time to go so hopefully Nan will get to set up the computer for me before she goes next week.  Check back y'all see ya then.


  1. Those eyes:) I love your days with her..they always make me smile..She's a doll.
    An absolute doll.

  2. She is the most adorable little thing!

  3. Kim. I have a mild form of sleep apnea. It is amazing how much I have noticed that the CPAP machine makes a difference. You will find you have so much more energy. My younger sister has it too. I knew over the phone when she got hers. even her voice was more energetic. I wish you well with it.
    For some it takes a little getting used to, I did not have any problems. Have a wonderful trip. Be by to visit, now that I am home. Still amazed by all the flooding. all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. elle, i will definately be checking next week before we head off to sydney to see what you have been up to with nanny. the highlight of my week! and we will definately look after nanny and pop while we are there, coz yes, they are getting old.....!!! we will have a great time and i'm pretty sure they will miss you BIGTIME!

  5. she is adorable - i always love them in jumpers like this

  6. she's getting quite acrobatic, eh?


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