Friday, January 14, 2011

Now For Something Completely Different

Recently I have been involved in an e-course run by Kim Klassen called The Art of Texture, a brilliant course and I have to say I have learnt heaps.  How to create the textures you see overlaid on so many photos and how to  manipulate the photos I take to make them look a whole lot better.  We also learnt how to make and add brushes to our photographs.  Above is a photo I took of the cloudy sky yesterday afternoon and then I added the birds and the sun/moon, looking at it now I can see that the moon/sun doesn't look quite right, but I love the bird effect.  It's amazing isn't it what we can do with photos today.

And when it rains this much all the little critters come out and take a look around. 

I thought some fresh blueberry muffins would hit the spot, oh an they did....

Steamy warm and delicious....

 A perfect tea time treat...
So with Elle on my knee I must say goodbye for the day and make sure you come back to catch up with the little Princess later.


  1. the caterpillar photos are especially endearing. wow. i'd say you are learning heaps. great shots!

    one love.

  2. Wow - your photos look amazing. I really need to find time to take her course.

    Hope you and your family are still safe and dry.

  3. Oh i LOVE the birds, really moody. How clever you are! i'll have a muffin, thanks....xx

  4. I begin this course next week, and looking at these photos, I'm really really glad I signed up!


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