Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Land of Drought and Flooding Plains

I live in Queensland and today as I read the paper and watch the news I am staggered at the enormity of the floods this state and most of Australia is experiencing.  Queensland is 1,300,000sq metres in size.  It would take 3 days to drive from the capital Brisbane to Cairns in the north and still you will not have reached the far north of the state.  The entire country of Europe would fit in to the state of Queensland.  You can see it is a huge state.  Australia is a big big country.  And today it is being reported that 75% of Queensland is effected by the floods.  At this point in time 90 odd people are still missing and 12 are confirmed dead, this number is expected to rise as search and rescue missions unfold.  Stories are being told of people watching helplessly as neighbours were washed down the street in front of them.  Horror on their faces as the screamed out for help.  Unable to help as they clung to posts etc, these people now live with the terrible memories.  
This is Brisbane, the Brisbane River, pontoons floating free, torn from the river banks, now they are a danger to the rescue boats.
Entire neighbourhoods inundated with water, lives destroyed.

Grantham at the foot of the Toowoomba Range has been destroyed.  The terrible stories of lives lost and property destroyed and people still missing are heartbreaking.

For me to see our Central Business District in this condition is unbelievable.  Never before has Toowomba experienced rain and floods like this.  Our grocery stores are all but empty and petrol has run out at most of the service stations.  This really brings home the devastation and sense of helplessness that comes after a disaster.  Is it like this for victims of war, I had no idea before what they might be experiencing.  We have food in our cupboards and freezer, we have cars with full tanks, but for those people who live on a very limited budget, I wonder how they are managing.  While it not raining at the moment, the sky is still cloudy and more rain is expected.  When the sun came out yesterday and that greyness lifted, I suddenly felt my spirits lift.  I was once again reminded of the power of light and sunshine, the beauty of colour.  I had missed it and my spirits were waining.  Such an eye opening experience.
So many of you have emailed me, have left messages asking after our safety and well being, thank you.  As I said we are fine, not effected in any way like so many others and we are very thankful for that.  I will try to keep you informed as the days pan out before us.  Once again thank you.
In the midst of all of this the stories of helping hands and strangers helping strangers is so inspiring.  That is the character of Australians we help each other, we are mates in a disaster, we pull together, cook meals, open houses, fill sand bags, we just get in and do what needs to be done.  I am proud to be an Australian now more so than ever.  Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.


  1. How terrible - the size and scope of the flood is hard to imagine. You are all in my thoughts and prayers

  2. Oh ! I'm coming here quite late and find what I discover on your blog absolutely terrifying ! I heard about floods in Australia yesterday but I couldn't really imagine the disaster ... Fortunately, you and your family are OK ! You say that in AUstralia, people help each other ... I like that ... Hope weather and life will be nicer soon ...
    Plenty of kisses to all of you

  3. I agree. Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! It is amazing how people who grumble most of the time about each other and seem never to get along can come together in a crisis. I can say the same thing for and about most Americans. You think we are separate cultures and people who hate each other? Just step on us and see what happens!

    It is a terrible thing that your countrymen and women are going through. We are all thinking about you and wishing your people the best outcome possible. Hang in there and take care of each other.

  4. I don't know where my post went..just know we are thinking of you and watching everything on the news..

  5. wow...looking at these photos and reading your own words, i now grasp the enormity of this disaster. my thoughts and prayers are with Australia.


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