Monday, December 13, 2010

Renovation Day

So nothing artistic about this particular shot, but it is my studio, for want of another name.  Ha ha it feels strange and a little uppity to say my studio.... but that is what it is.  Originally when we bought this house in April this year, it was called a granny flat.  It has a kitchenette and a shower and toilet and basin.  The past owner used it as his office at home and the original owners lived in this while they built our home.  So it is a granny flat officially but now it's mine.  I posted way back when we moved in about renovating it and all I had done was move my scrapping stuff in here, assemble it a little and store the Christmas things here.  But I want to start using it and to be honest I hated this room.
I know I should have just been happy to have such a great space, but I hated it none the less.  And because I rarely came up here, it was getting some other residents.  Little, well not so little, black bugs, and daddy long leg spiders.  Eeww, whenever I would go to take down some paper or open a drawer I would get that wispy spider web feel yuk!!!!  So I bombed the place twice a few weeks back and then I got my long suffering husband to help me move things around, and take things to the dump and I felt a bit better.  But the colour, please I just didn't want to sit in a lime green and silver room and do anything, well other than throw up I mean.
I need to really feel happy, peaceful, excited, good to create anything, even baking seriously, I am so emotionally driven it's mad. I haven't scrapped but one page since Lucas passed away.  Honestly, I just haven't had it in me to do it.  I used to spend hours scrapping and now I hardly touch it.  I literally have nearly a store of goodies with which to scrap.  Ribbons, brads, glue, glitter, papers, bling you name it I have it, oh and my favourite thing rub ons. big sigh  So I am guessing this is maybe greek to a non scrapper, but to me it makes my mouth water.  Well it used to.  Now I hardly think about it.  I do a lot more digitally now though.  Not scrapping per say but, editing the photos etc and I can get really engrossed in that for hours.  So I want to make the space a peaceful place.  A place to stage my photos, a place to get ideas of things to shoot and then how to market them or use them in some wonderfully creative way. To do this I need to create a calm happy creative space. So first up choose a colour, then mix in the tint to the white paint and stir.  It looks delicious hey?  My colour choice "La Boheme"  doesn't that sound so romantic, so arty oh it does to me.  It conjours up flowing skirts, sandy beaches, moonlit night skies, frangapani trees, coconut scented oils on warm skin.  Cocktails on the sand, bright sunny skies, oh everything wonderful and carefree and fun.  So my colour is chosen, mixed and we began the application process, what fun.  
I watched Adrian pour the paint from the mixing tin into tins for us to use, he has this really neat way of flicking the tin just as he finishes pouring and that stops the paint from running down the edge of the pail.  He has a clever little way of tapping the brush on the inside of the tin so it doesn't drip paint everywhere, he really is a master painter.  He actually is a painter and watching him on Sunday was so cool.  I mean I have seen him paint before, we've had like 13 houses over the years, but to work along side him was really cool.  He didn't even tell me I was making a mess or stuffing up when I was and I know it.  What a honey hey!
Already I can see the transformation taking place.  The soft colour is lovely, it has that wonderful shabby chic feel to it.  I can imagine my pictures on the walls.  A chair in the corner for quiet contemplation and a table set up in the soft light for snapping away.  I am really excited and I will continue painting this week and hopefully next weekend it will be completed.  We had to lift up the ugly worn carpet because it has rained for nearly 3 weeks here and the room flooded.  That was a funny sight me in the rain dripping wet, shovel in hand digging a trench behind my studio.  That song "Do You Like Pina Colada's " came to mind,  ha ha we were drenched and my back was aching so the raunchy part of this song was NOT about to happen .... unfortunately.  Ha ha!!
I'll keep you up to date with the transformation okay.  
What did you do this weekend, the countdown to Christmas Day has really begun, were you busy preparing?


  1. Can't wait to see the finished will be so nice and bright!

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to see it.

  3. haha, you guys are so gorgeous!! lubya xo
    can't wait for sydney.....

  4. Jamie and Monique I know it is exciting and I can't wait for it to be painted at least, the the fun begins the decorating yeah!!
    We love you too Carmel, can't wait either.


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