Monday, July 12, 2010

Renovations and Gerbras

The markets on Sunday are the best place in town to get some wonderful gerbras.  The couple who run the stall get their freshly cut flowers direct from the grower and they are just stunning.  Three bunches of bright, glorious colour for $10 now that is a bargain don't you think?

I love gerbras I know I've said it before but I do so here's a few shots for you.

Oh aren't they just gorgeous?!!!!!

Now my next project is my studio/grannyflat/mother in law apartment, whatever it would be called in your neck of the woods.  Until now this room/studio/flat has housed all the girls bits and pieces, packed and stored until they moved into town and their own house.  Which they did a few weeks back.  So yesterday I began the unpacking and sorting of all my scrapbooking, photography things.  No small task as I have a small shop load of gear up there, seriously.  I think I have the market sewn up on home scrapping equipment.  

First I will say the colour is changing, I am not a lime green girl, well not in this way anyway.
Neither am I a silver girl, gold all the way for me ha ha!!  So these colours will be going.  Not sure what I will replace them with yet, stay tuned.  I am on my way to buy some curtains today so probably a colour from them.  

So as you can see a big not quite empty canvas.  Over the bench in the first picture there is a kitchen, complete with sink, wall mounted urn and cupboards.  Also the rear door to the studio, I think that's what it will be mostly.  Then to the left there is the toilet, shower and vanity.  So a guest would be quite comfortable.  My thoughts originally were to totally dedicate this to visitors.  I have a great friend Gretchen in the states who I would love to come visit and a lovely couple John and Sharon from California and of course the adorable Helene and her family from Cannes.  But truthfully the number of visits will be much less than the use I will get daily from the space as my studio.  We could also fairly easily rearrange things when a visit is imminent.  Plus in a short while we are adding a new master suite to the house, so we will also have a bedroom, complete with the most incredibly comfortable queen bed and ensuite available in the main house.  Hence my decision to make it a studio.  
Come back and see what I eventually do to this space.  I want it to be a really great, comfortable, inspiring work space.  Let's see if I manage to make it happen.  Rather exciting really.


  1. It sounds like you have been busy and are going to be busy,,,you know I am a goldie girl myself, and not a fan of lime green either. The gerbras are beautiful. I love the assortment of colors. back to visit soon,

  2. oh what fun!! looks like a great space to fix up.


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