Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book Review - Sea Glass

I think this is Anita Shreve's 8th novel.  Going on the other titles listed in the front of the book and it was published in 2002.  After the last book I read The Passage, I really wanted something light and something with some hope and joy included.  I am SO glad I chose this book.  I picked it and another of Shreve's novels up at the second hand shop a while back, this one was only $2 and I enjoyed it so much.  Set in America in the time of the great stock market crash and the beginning of the depression, this book is just delightful.  Each chapter is the details of one person at the time.  The people's lives intermingle in such a simple way, as they live and love and marry and die throughout the story.  I love the way Anita has presented each character, their lives touching in ways that eventually will lead to disaster and triumph, love and loss, it was wonderful.  Just 325 pages long and I read it in a couple of days, I liked it so much.  The characters were real, flawed and wonderful.  I felt like I was there and I hoped for lives to be changed and love to be fulfilled.  I want to start collecting sea glass like Honora the main character in the tale.  I want to renovate an old mansion by the ocean, I want to meet McDermott.  Oh I really enjoyed this so much.  Great holiday reading really.

Summer is upon us now, it is hot, muggy, rainy and I found in the midst of all the blue agapanthus this beautiful white one.  Reminds me of snow so clean and white. 

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