Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fridays with Elle

Okey Dokey so let's get straight down to business, I know everyone is really busy this time of year, well that's what Nan says anyway.  Umm first of all hi there!!!!!  Another week rolls by hey, it does seem to be going quickly these days, even for me.  How do you like my new outfit, Mum bought it for me, not sure if it's a secret or not I think she doesn't tell Daddy everything we buy together.  She loves to take me shopping and well I love being with her so it doesn't really matter where we go.  I went to Nan's again today but only for a half day cause Nan has a cold and she didn't want me to get it, but that doesn't make sense really cause I could of gotten it in half a day too.  I think cause she was tired and mummy had a wedding to set up in the afternoon, but Nan said she was having withdrawl symptoms thinking I might not be coming over.  What is that?  
Nan was a bit upset today too cause this boat load of people was coming to Australia and they crashed on Christmas Island and over 30 of them died.  They are refugees and they were trying to come to Australia sneakily, but the boat didn't make it and a whole heap of them drowned, Nan said it is so sad.  It is hey!  I'm glad that here in Australia we don't have bad wars and stuff so I am safe and everyone else too.  Nanny said not all little girls and boys have the same as me, I wish they did.

Oh and i found out I have a mouth and tongue, yep I love putting things in my mouth and I love sticking my tongue out.  It feels really cool, like a little hard thing between my lips and I can get it to go in and out really quick.  Mummy hates it cause it makes me all slobby, but I love it, it's so much fun.  Daddy asked Mummy if I was okay he said I might be a bit strange, he so doesn't know anything about babies ha ha!!!  We all do this don't we?
I am finding everything really interesting at the moment too. I realised that my hands can grab things and if I grab the right thing I can put it in my mouth.  At the moment everything is the right thing.  I have tasted some pretty strange things lately.  Furry caterpillar noses and oh hey really exciting pumpkin!!!!  Yep Mummy has been giving me pumpkin.  I really like it.  I'm not sure what it is but I like it.  She gave me pureed apples and raspberries and I didn't like them, don't know what they are either but I like pumpkin not them.  
BUT my all time FAVOURITE thing to put in my mouth is my thumb.  Yep I can be squeeking and squawking and then I put this little digit in and hey I am one happy girl.  Like Mummy with shoes a big smile on my dial and off I go.  So another big day in the life of me.  Exhausting I tell ya.
So till next week ......EXCITING Christmas is coming so see you then.  Have you been naughty or nice, Mum tells me I better be nice or no Santa.  Someone please tell me who is Santa?
Singing out now
Love Elle


  1. really love FWE..

    Love her hair adornment..I wear necklaces like that:)It would be a bit over the top in my hair these days..

    She is beautiful..

    Great pics of her:)

    We heard about the boat and the refugees so sad is right..
    Take care of your cold.. shopping w/out shwoing everything to the hubbies is ok:)

  2. I love these Fridays, it is amazing seeing her grow each week. sorry you have a cold, and yes it is very sad about the refugees. very sad. I hope you are feeling better soon. I know little Elle is thinking she has the best Nan in the world. hugs and happy holidays. I think I will be off the computer for a bit. hugs and love to you and your family. c

  3. Elle is precious Kim! I know you and Adrian (the whole family of course) are enjoying her SO much, especially this Chrismastime!!! God Bless


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