Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fridays with Elle

Well howdy there folks, it's me again.  And guess what I went and visited Jane and the kids on Friday.  She's funny, Jane that is.  As soon as I arrived she's like wow baby she has grown, she is big now and that's funny cause I'm not that big really.  Anyway she straight away took me and started checking me out.  I think even though she has had 6 kids of her own, I am a bit of an odd bod to her.  I am so white and her babies, well Nan says they were really dark.  Of course look at them, there from Africa okay.  She is kinda soft and cuddly though and she loves to check out my toes and stuff.  She's always looking at my spots too.  I don't think babies in Africa have spots and she is like really fascinated with them.  On Friday Gloria and Nancy were home with Kimmy too.  It was the last day of school for the year.  It was clean up day and they didn't go so I got to see them again.

I was chillin' on the lounge with Gloria, yeah it's a blurry photo I know, but we couldn't sit still for too long.  That's what kids are supposed to do isn't it, you know jump around and stuff.  I heard Gloria tell Nan that I was soft.  Hey I'm a tough little girl let me tell you, but Nan said I was soft and then I realised I think she was talking about my skin.  It is soft.  Mummy takes special care of me, she puts oil on me to make me have no wrinkles and stuff so that's probably why I'm so soft.
Gloria has cool hair doesn't she, it's all kind of fluffy, I wonder if mine will be like that one day. 
Okay so Nan took this photo cause I have just started doing this.  I like it but boy does mum have a problem with it.  Her and dad put this stuff on my thumb the other night.  I think I was supposed to not like it and then not do this but hey I loved it.  I couldn't stop then and I heard mum tell Nan that they will just have to deal with it later, when I'm bigger.  Personally I don't see the problem but oh well, mum fusses sometimes.  Nan thinks look soooooo cute, but when doesn't she think that.  So it's like only 2 weeks till Christmas and I wonder what I'm going to be getting?  I'm excited though everyone seems to think I will not even notice, of course I will, it's Christmas isn't it.  I am still dribbling heaps and nan is worn out she says at the end of the day.  Hey it's only one day a week she'll survive I think.  So I'm off now got things to do okay so be safe and see you next week.


  1. I sucked my thumb till I was 10..had the bump on my thumb from my teeth:)

    But was I ever as cute as Elle? I don't think so..what cute cute pics..Beautiful faces all around.

  2. :) she is getting big...and she is always beautiful

  3. I just love the little stories and it is amazing how much you grow each week. hugs.

  4. Monique I said to Alicia don't worry if she sucks her thumb it won't be forever I better not let her it could be till she's 10. Ha ha that's funny.
    Char she is the light of my life really.
    Cinner I am glad you enjoy my tales so much. hugs back to you

  5. hahahahahahaha lol!!! i love fridays with elle! and she is ever so gorgeous sucking her thumb!


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