Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fridays with Elle

So hi again everyone, yep a little blurry this one I know but I was just excited to be back at Nan's and well I just couldn't sit still okay!  I love Fridays as much as Nan does to tell ya the truth, you wouldn't think so to hear Nan talk, she thinks she is the one that's all excited and looking forward to it all week, but hey I'm not silly, I love going there too.  Who wouldn't.  I get nursed and get my face stroked oooohhhh I looooove, love that.  I get my tummy rubbed and I get nursed oh did I already mention that.  Yeah I did but I have to say it again cause you know I think I have Nan wrapped round my little finger.  Yep I sure do.  She will nurse me almost whenever i want her too.  It's funny cause I heard my mum and her talking about when mum was a little baby and Nan said that my mum was really naughty sometimes and wouldn't go to sleep unless she was nursed.  Then when Nan would put her down in her cot, my mum would start crying and wake up again.  So this went on a fair bit, she warned mum not to do that with me, but hey look what happens.  Nan nurses me and often to sleep.  I don't carry on when she puts me down though.  I grizzle a bit at first, that's really just so she knows I prefer her to nurse me.  She's all kind of sqooshy and soft ya know.  But then I sleep.  Um not for long though, lately I just haven't wanted to sleep much during the day.  
As you can see I like to play with my toys, sit in my bumbo, so good for my posture mum says and I like to watch telly.  Yeah I know some of you will be all like a baby shouldn't watch telly and all that, but I love telly.  I love the songs they sing and the dancing and the pretty colours.  Dad says mum shouldn't watch NCIS with me, but she does and I think I might become a forensic scientist, whatever that is when I get bigger.  I love Abby she is soooooo cool.  Great piggy tales too and all those pretty drawings on her. tattoos mum says.  By the way Dad hates tattoos and guess what Nanny just got one.  Yeah she did.  It's got me on it and Lucas.  I think she'll show you one day.
So like I said I am very alert right now, you see now that I am over 4 months old I can see properly.  I just love checking everything out.  Like Nan's hand, yep it's getting a bit wrinkly I noticed.  And I love going for a walk up to the chook pen.  Those little fluffy chickens are so cute.  We were going to go to see Aunty Jane, my Nan's friend from Africa and little Kimmy, how's that for a name.  But my car seat wasn't in properly and it was pouring rain and Nan got all flustered and we just stayed home.  Somehow she says I managed to totally wear her out.  Yeah sure I did!!!!  I'm her little Angel has she forgotten that?  Really I didn't do anything, well not really.  I was a bit grumpy, mum and Nan said something about teeth, well beats me, though it is embarrassing all this dribbling, they say that's a sign.  We'll see I guess, and oh I hate this... off for more needles on Monday ouch.  Well it'll be worth at least a weeks worth of cuddles that will.
So that's probably all for now, I'm just hanging out here waiting for mum to finish at the Chapel, she books weddings for brides and stuff like that.  She looks really pretty when she goes to work.  Nan's looking pretty worn out, is that an age thing?  Anyway till next Friday have fun hey.  Love ya.


  1. She's adorable - and growing up so quickly

  2. Her t-shirt cute too..SO... when do we see the tattoos? Did it hurt?
    She's a doll!

  3. you know i gotta check in to see what's up with Sweet Pea. That last photo, oooooh. That's all i can say. She is just precious!!


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