Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Worry Tales

One night they took a ride on their magic carpets and up ahead they saw them, others like them but not exactly like them.  They were curious, excited, wary, nervous, but most of all welcoming. They flew over and greeted them, exchanging greetings and asking questions, wanting to know as much as they could about the others.  They had much in common and a lot of differences.
Excitedly they chatted, began to get to know each other and realised that even in their differences there was wonder and happiness.  Some new things to learn, new experiences to hear of and to share together.  Opinions to be valued and discussions to be had.  Things to teach and things to learn.  People of different cultures and lifestyles to be valued and loved.
They decided they would stay together, listen to each other, learn what they could do to help, share and grow together.  They became another family, all of them together.  Yes they would surely have their differences, they would disagree, and argue and discuss and compromise and learn and grow, and if they really tried they would grow together as well.  Accepting each other and helping each other.  They were beginning to see that a family is not just one colour, one style, one place but it was many and they were excited.


  1. These are adorable! There must be a story to how you have so many, yes?

  2. :) i haven't seen those in a while - i always loved them as a child

  3. OH how I love worry dolls...these are just darling. Love your little story to accompany them ;)

    one love.

  4. this brought tears to my eyes. absolutely beautiful, my dear friend.

  5. Oh this is just delightful! Beautiful images and words...I love how you've processed them, kind of digital art style.

    What gorgeous little figures, are they peruvian or something like that? x

  6. Lynn I bought a little bag of these Guatamalean worry dolls at a store in town and thought I would photograph them. When I did I just decided they needed a story to go with and then I though they needed friends ha ha, simple really.
    Char yep they are cute hey
    Jamie thank you
    Cinner thanks
    Se'Lah PutuEka, thanks
    Christina good tears I hope
    Spudballoo guatamalan actually ha ha thanks for the compliment on the processing, I am spending hours lately doing that.
    I love it

  7. I see you love to read like I do. I am glad to have found your blog.


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