Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fridays with Elle

Hi again hey I have a question do you think I am getting to be a ranger, huh you say what's a ranger you seriously don't know.... a red head get it!!!!
I look sometimes and I think hey I'm getting redder by the day here, really what's happening?? Okay let's get started here, hi firstly, how are you all today?  To be truthful I'm not feeling great.  Nah all day long I've just not been feeling myself, a little off colour mum says.  I went to lunch last Sunday with Mum and Dad's friends Bruce and Kate and they have this girl called Bria and she's like a few months older  than me and she had a cold and well I think maybe I have her cold now, well maybe.  So like I said I'm not on my best today.  

Anyhow my Great Nan arrived today, she's pretty cool too, well that's probably why nanny is so cool, like you gotta get it from somewhere hey!!?

I think Great Nan is pretty old you know maybe like 76 or something, well I think she's nearly 76 and hey that's a lot older than me so like she's old hey!!

She's good at baby stuff though, like the patting and nursing stuff.  Like I said I'm not feeling great and I have tried her and Nan out today.  I just  have felt crappy and they have had to handle me.  They've done a pretty good job though, I must say.
So when Great Nan first arrived I was not too bad and we got a quick photo and I think I  don't look too bad.   But later I screamed, well when you don't  have lots of words you have to do what is the most effective and I have found that screaming works pretty well.  Anyway I think it's this cold I have, Nan was a bit worried I could see that, but I ended up having some baby panadol and then I slept, this was after mum arrived though.  I  don't know being a baby and not being able to say hey I have a tummy ache or head ache or just feel bad is really hard.  I can't wait for the words to come, so I can explain myself better.  
Nan was enjoying me again though. I could tell.  She holds me and looks into my eyes and I just know she loves me, like really loves me you know BIG Time!!!!!!!
I feel really good knowing that Nan and Pop and Great Nan and my Aunties oh and of course Mum & dad, love me so much. Well how do you feel when you know someone just adores you no matter what?  Really it's pretty amazing don't ya think?  Nanny says that there is an old African saying which goes "It takes a village to raise a child"  well it's right isn't it, I need everyone of these people, all of them, cause already I know they are different from each other.  They have different things to teach me and I look forward to learning every bit of it.  I love everyone in my village just as much as they love me.

So see ya next week, make sure you come again  or I'll miss ya okay.  In the meantime have a great weekend and find the people in your village and have some kind of impact on them this weekend!!  It'll make a really big difference I promise.


  1. She is getting alittle hint of strawberry in her dad was a handsome redhead..:)

    I love her bubble.. she is very lucky to have so many people love her:) Your readers do too!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! that pic of Nana and sweet pea is precious but the last one of SP by herself is _ well _ my heart skips a beat. SOOOOO CUTE

  3. Well Elle, I know you do not know your colors yet, but that is definately some red hair there. Not to worry. I had that color for a while and then it turned yellow (another color).

    Sorry you feel bad. Me too. Get better soon. I see you are still blowing those bubbles.

  4. Thaat red hair seems to have come overnight. hope you are feeling better soon. hugs.

  5. Oh bless her, hope she's on the mend? She's really filling out and looking more gorgeous every week. her hair is the most beautiful colour, her crowning glory. Lovely! xx

  6. Thanks everyone and the filling out part yes I know i am but mum says no diets for me yet, arghh it's okay for her miss skinny minny oh well guess I'll have to just keep kicking and screaming to lose this baby fat. hahaha


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