Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The road was long and they decided to go together.  It would help them they thought, to have someone who loved come along the way.  The words came in the beginning and then left, the silence came and then left, more words, battered, angry and sometimes sad, they cried and they laughed, smiled and sang and they walked together.
Some days the burden was light, others so heavy they didn't know if they could go on.  But together they did.  Sometimes a step or two apart.
Sometimes totally or so they thought, alone.  Never far behind though were the family, the others who carried the worries as well.
Some days they needed an extra pair of hands to help with the load, they were always there.  To help carry, to hold, to touch, to bind the wounds, to pour the tea, to hold the baby, the hands were there.
There were days of laughter to, many of them and then they would take their magic carpets and fly off.  Together always together.
I am loving my little worry dolls and wanted to photograph them doing things together.  They look like a little family don't you think.  Off they go carrying their magic carpets on their heads, ready for take off.  I think I'll take them on little outings round about and see what they manage to get up to.
Have a lovely week my friends.


  1. So sweet - and the textures look amazing

  2. You made me see my dolls differently:) Larger than life:)Cute cute.

  3. they are so sweet hey and i think we will have lots of adventures together

  4. this is just the sweetest story, thank you worry dolls! I love this line...

    "Never far behind though were the family, the others who carried the worries as well."


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