Friday, November 12, 2010

No Screen Thursday

Yesterday was my no screen day and this is some of what I managed to achieve simply by not watching the tele or turning on my beloved computer.  I am still making butterflies for the Butterfly Project and this is the one I started yesterday for Elle.  Totally different from Lucas's butterfly.   I want tis one to be all girly and pretty, just like Princes Elle aka Sweet Pea.

I cut out my butterfly in two different patterns of card and glued them together.  Then I hot glued the flowers and beads on.  Now that was fun I had that darn stringy hot glue everywhere, I swear it was like mozzarella cheese, strings of it all over my fingers arghh!!
I painted the back of Lucas's butterfly too and added his name, using the tip of my paint brush.  See I really am not very arty, but I don't really mind I just want them each to have a butterfly hanging up with all the others in Houston.  Elle comes today so I probably won't get into my studio, she tends to steal all my time haha! Not complaining mind you.
I also took these photos......
A rose from our garden that dried up and looked so lovely still I kept it, with the intention of photographing it, of course as soon as I picked it up it fell apart, so I made a rose out of the remains.

Oh and i picked up these little cuties, Quatamalan worry dolls the other day.  I thought they would be cute to photograph, but before I could do too much they took off on their magic carpets.
I hope when they return they have tales to tell.

So no screen day was a success I look forward to my next one.  Why don't you give it a go.
Off now to get ready for my Princess to arrive oh how I love Fridays.


  1. Good work:) I bet you love Fridays..

    One of the first internet forum friends I met .. many many yrs ago 10 plus..and I am sad to say she is no longer with us..sent me worry dolls..They are in my bedside table..In a little yellow oval box.I think of her all the time..And she's in heaven..You just brought back the memory~ Thank you.

  2. How productive you were! Maybe we all need to follow your example.

  3. Beautiful Kim, I have one of the worry dolls. I love it. I replied to your email, I hope you got it. loved it btw. Have a fabulous day. and weekend. hugs.

  4. aren't worry dolls the best? love the magic carpet photo...made me smile. (waving at Cinner). one love.

  5. Oh! I hadn't realized Cinner and Se'Lah visited you as well. It's a party! And nothing to worry about, with the dolls taking care of that for us. Lovely butterflies, too.

  6. Nana,
    I'm glad you had those lovely memories again.
    Jamie it was hard give it a go though
    Cinner, thanks I got your reply will show the results when i get it
    Se'Lah yes they are along with Matroshkya's ;P
    Kathryn yes wonderful ladies hey!

  7. Aha, this is where the dolly story starts...gorgeous!

    No screen day, well done you. I can easily live without television, but no computer? Gulp....

    Your butterflies are lovely, you're so clever xx


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