Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fridays with Elle

Hello again glad you're back for Fridays with me.....Elle.  I really look forward to Fridays now, you see as I have said before I spend them with Nan.  Super Cool Nan actually, so no wonder I look forward to Fridays.  Oh and by the way Nanny didn't buy the bib my mum did.  So back to Fridays okay it was hot today really hot, summer is coming soon I think.  Any how Nan knows just what to do when I get all hot and flustered, yep de nappy me.  I adore know in Braveheart the movie where that blue faced man says FREEDOM!!!!! Well having my nappy off is just like that for me FREEDOM!!!! I get a really good workout with it off too, you know the legs go like crazy and oh I don't know how can I explain it, it's wonderful.  Of course there are precautions that need to be taken when I am nappy free, a good thick towel under my bot is a good start.  I can't help it if I get excited and I do, and then the next thing you know well it just happens, hey what's a girl to do and anyway it's just pee.  No big deal really.  Well it sure doesn't faze nan she just cleans me up and off we go.  Must have had a bit of experience with girls peeing I guess, remind me to ask her about that won't you.
Now to bigger things than my pantie freedom, have you heard about bumbo chairs?  Well they are the new big thing for babies and I have one, naturally I do as I am the most spoilt baby around these neck of the woods.  Anyway mum bought it for me, don't think she's told dad yet though, cause, well, they aren't cheap.  But anyway they are meant to be really good for my posture and they help me to sit up.  It's kind of potty shaped, yellow and this neat little tray sits on front so I can have a good lash at all my toys.  I like it actually, and it always helps to be one step ahead of the bunch you know.  It's a bit of a work out though, all this muscle toning and stuff that happens when I am in it.  And well after all, I am only 15 weeks this coming Tuesday, so my head gets a bit of a wobble up, hence the blurry image above.  Nan put a cushion behind my head and that helps too.  She's so darn clever that nan it amazes me.
Now what else did we do, well we talked of course, solved the worlds problems and just hung out.  Took a stroll up to check out the chickens, hey I like those furry ones, really cute, and truly no competition for me to be worried about.  I mean really look at me.  Hey what are baby blues by the way?  Nan keeps telling me I have the most beautiful baby blues.  I thought having the blues was a bad thing, guess I have a bit to learn still.
Oh you know that bumbo chair I was talking about, well after a while it just gets too hard and well this is what happens.  Why Nan took a photo I'll never know, she was laughing too, huh what's that all about.  Just straighten me up that's what I say.
After a while I was exhausted, it's a long day when you're my age.  So Nan tucked me in and I slept a little, nothing like a nanny nap you know.  Anyway till next Friday, when we tackle some other really big issues, stay safe and hugs for you all.
Love Elle


  1. She's a doll..I love your Fridays..I would just want to skip the rest of the week and go directly to Friday:) Love the bib..We had bumbos for the boys too.Ollie didn't like it..

    Nappy free.. what a fun day!

  2. Sweet Pea - sweet. precious. ;)

    happy world kindness day.

  3. what a gorgeous little chickadee you are princess pea! and of course your nan is pretty clever too!

  4. precious precious precious little one

  5. Monique, I thought bumbos were a new thing maybe just here in Australia.
    HAppy Kindness day to you to Se'Lah
    Carmel you know just how clever ha ha!
    Char she is so precious

  6. Elle is one adorable, pretty little girl.

  7. You're a very lucky lady ! My friday are less ... funny ? ;o)))
    Kisses to you and Adrian ...
    PS : I bought Vegemite last saturday in Antibes ... I think about you each time I open the bottle ! ;o)

  8. Darling child. So glad for you that you get to enjoy her like this. Lucky baby, too.

  9. Beth very precious and such a healing angel for us
    Helene vegemite, arghh I can't believe it do you like it you must let me know!!
    Kathryn & Relyn thank you I adore her


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