Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Screen Free Thursdays

Do you ever feel like something is taking all your time, taking over your life almost?  I do and it is my computer and television.  I get up in the morning and make myself a cup of tea and check my emails, 2 hours later after checking out the sales, answering some emails, deleting and checking, replying and forwarding, ending up on blog sites, answering and commenting, etc, etc., I am still on and am frustrated once again that I got stuck here.  Then I have the shows I don't want to sit up late and watch and so I record them.  I have to watch them some time during the day and there goes another couple of hours.  What am I doing I ask myself.  
Really do I have to do this, every day, really??!!  NO NO NO!!!!!! So tomorrow I am having screen free day.  I have my butterflies to finish, I have photos to take, I have photos to scrap, I have a mobile to finish, I have my new Artful Blogger mag to read, yada yada yada!  No televison, no computer, none whatsoever.  I feel a day of cold turkey coming on ouch!!!!
So I leave you with these agapanthus shots I took this afternoon.  We have a circular driveway and the top curve is edged with a mass of these and they are all beginning to flower, it should be quite spectacular shortly.  My chickens are giving us two gorgeous brown eggs everyday and the little ones, not big enough to lay yet are just eye candy, really cute.  Summer is on it's way the days are longer, warmer and the sky is often scattered with grey clouds, unusual here, after such a long drought.  We are just a few weeks from Christmas once again and plans are being made, presents bought and family and friends contacted.  Another year is winding down, really where does time go.  It just seems to rush on by these days, so I look forward to tomorrow, to no screens to snatch anymore of my precious time.


  1. Lovely blues..Wish I could grow them..:)

  2. I just love this idea, taking a break from the screen. I feel the same way you do, i am not just on the computer, I am in it, it's taking over.

    A friend has started Screen Free Sundays in her house, and I am thinking of doing the same.

    Look forward to hearing how your screen free day goes!

  3. What an AWESOME idea! I need to give it a try.

  4. enjoy the approaching summer - and the beautiful flowers.

  5. I love your focus on spending your time well. And, I LOVE these images.


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