Monday, November 8, 2010

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak - Book Review

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.  Wow what do I say, where do I begin.  This is the second book by Marcus I have read.  The first 'I Am The Messenger' was suggested to me by a wonderful blogging friend Monique and I loved it.  This book though is very different than the first.  Written about the lives of Liesel Meminger, her foster parents Hans and Rosa, her best friend Rudy and the young Jewish man Max, hidden in their basement and narrated by the character Death, this tale is unlike any other I have read.  

I found it a little perplexing in the first few pages as they are Death talking to you.  Explaining how he sees the world, the people in it and the colours that change throughout each day.  Yes strange I know.  I actually started this once read a few pages and put it down, it just didn't make sense.  A few months later I picked it up again and persevered and after the first chapter I understood how to read this book.  

It is a young adult book and it is wonderful.  With a string of bestseller awards, rave reviews from many newspapers and winner of the National Jewish Book Award, I urge you to read every page.

I really enjoyed this book.  It is sad at times, funny, very, very thought provoking and not unlike the story of Anne Frank.  

A really great worthwhile read.


  1. i was just leaving for barnes and noble anyway..and now i have something on my list


    thanks for sharing...

  2. Oh I have it..Can't wait to start it..You are quite the reader:)

  3. winter months are great for reading...but wait, it's getting ready to be summer for you...great for beach reading too. ;)

    thinking of you. hugs to sweet pea.

    one love.

  4. My Farmhouse Kitchen I hope you do choose it and love it.
    Monique, after your suggestion about I am the Messenger which I loved I had to give this one ago.
    I am a night time reader, it's how I nod off I read till my eyes are stinging doesn't sound good does it. but Se'Lah I can't find time during the day to sit and read too many other things to do.

  5. i have this book and haven't read it yet.
    like you, i read a few pages and then put it down.
    you have inspired me to open it's pages.


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