Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fridays with Elle

Hey there it's me again, surely you must be sick of looking at picture after picture of me. Hey I know I am super cute, I know I have the sweetest little smile, I know my giggle wins the hearts of everyone who hears it.  I know I can wrap my nanny and poppy around my little finger.  Oh and my aunties hey their a pushover too.  Not that I intentionally do those things, you see they just come naturally to me.  Do I like this power?  Now that's a silly question isn't it, of course I do!

So every Friday now I spend with Nan, she is way cool too let me tell you.  Funny yep so funny, you should hear the sounds she make, you should see the faces she pulls.  All to make me smile I think, hey I'd turn it on for less than that truly I would.  At least she doesn't do that silly baby talk with me that would be too much, really too much.
Nope Nan is way cool, she talks to me, tells me what she's doing, every little detail, yeah well it's okay, I don't need to know everything but at least she is talking to me.  She knows how dull it gets just laying around all day.  You see I am getting stronger everyday, but right now sitting up is a bit of a problem.  Yeah I know with a talent like mine I should have mastered it by now, well I think so anyway, but I haven't okay.  
Anyhow she helps me to sit up, she holds my back for me and that's good like situps you know.  Gotta watch those abs even now.  All this milk well if a girls not careful it will tell on her waistline first.  So the situps I like.
Nan loves having me around, she says I am a healer.  Yep well I'm not too sure just what that is, but it makes her smile and that's good I like doing that.  She says I have filled a little hole in her heart, one that got there when my brother Lucas went to heaven a while back.  I never knew him, but when I hear everyone talk about him, I know he was really special just like me.  Anyway I'm glad I helped Nanny feel better and Pop and my aunties too.  I think Mum and Dad feel better too, so I really am special hey.  So come back next Friday and I'll tell you what we get up to okay.  Bye love ya!


  1. Yes, yes, yes...they are healers! Right now my two year old grandson is fast asleep upstairs, and another little grandson is due in January. They help us to refocus on what life should be all about. Oh, and she's utterly beautiful!

  2. I KNEW IT:) Elle IS a healer..:) I KNEW it!! She is just so alert and beautiful.I am so glad she's yours.
    God has blessed your family:)

  3. Looks like her hair is getting lighter. So thankful she is here to help heal your heart....even just a little.

    Keep us posted, Ella, on what Nanny and Pop talk to you about.

  4. Ladies thank you I just adore my little princess as you know.

  5. Her little smile just melts me!

  6. It melts me too Jamie that's the trouble one smile and anything she wants she can have


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